Thursday, November 5, 2009

Some memories from this past summer Day 1 at the Georgetown Basketball School 2009


Woke up thanking the Lord for waking me up this morning. A nice prayer for me to do this for my son, Chavis. I got fired up after that, I had to ask God to chill me down a bit, lol, seriously. A very beautiful breezy morning driving to the Hilltop to McDonough Gymnasium for the first day of basketball camp. Lol, I was cranking a Familar Faces CD. With the sun rising over the Potomac as I'm driving I'm always amazed of this beautiful site.

Once I got the the gym, we had a coaches meeting, after that, it seemed as if I couldn't wait to get a basketball in my hand, lol, I mean was I there to teach or play, lol, naw, actually most of the students haven't arrived at that time, some were lined up to check in. Finally, someone rolled the basketball's out, it was over, I shot, and shot, and shot on and on until camp started, so I was actually shooting for an hour or so. Coach Thompson walked past and gave me some dap and said, "mannn, you sweating like that already?", I fell out laughing and continued my journey shooting hoops for my son, I'm telling you, this is no joke I felt like I was on a cloud, that son of mine seem like he give me so much energy just as he always has, lol.

This just popped up, someone was trying to shoot free throws with their eyes closed, and miss da whole goal, lol, I said, hmm, my turn, I shot the first one, eyes closed, nothing but net, most of the Italian young fellas were amazed, and forever do they know, I WAS AMAZED TOO, LOL. I said some one up there is watching over his father, I couldn't believe what I had just done twice in a row, all bottoms, now check this I had my Jordan Georgetown Ole Skool sneaks on, mane they felt like a million dollars, on the hardwood, lol.

Now, this is funny, you know me since I can't vertically outjump the big fellas in the post when shooting around I normally get the tips and loose balls or if the big men bring the ball down im right there, so it's actually a rebound, lol. This little kid came outta nowhere, he was 8 and small, but I knew right away this kid had heart because he looked at the other little ones and looked at the big fellas and came over there and was trying to grab rebounds, loose balls, anything he could get so when he got the ball, he was dribbling with his head and moving nowhere, lol, just dribbling in one spot, so I quickly said lift your head now cross me over and go to the hole, and he did, he didn't make the shot but smarts to know what to do wit da Rock. By the way that kid starting making buckets. We were done eating lunch and guess who walks past and tap me on my shoulder, yes, the little fella, I just remembered all of this, wow, angels on earth.

The drills went well, the young fellas seemed enthusiastic and eager to learn the game of basketball. I have a team of 10 players, I think we traded away 3 of our better players for the 3 of their players, I didn't mind at all. I just want the players to have fun and develop and endure confidence in the fundamentals that were being taught. My team seems to be a smart team, and very coachable, no attitudes whatsoever, one kid got so upset he threw the ball down in frustration, and I said, "I'm not worried about, so you shouldn't worried either", he looked as if a heavy weight was lifted off of his shoulders, I felt happy and he continued to play and did not make that mistake again, talking about development, yes, I know and believe it happens quickly, coached it too many times, it's a beautiful sight, it's like sweet music to my mind, body and soul.

My team is the Cavaliers, not Cleveland Cavs, Gtown Cavs, naw just kidding, lol. Very good young fellas. I think they learned a lot in one day especially from me, lol. They played well for the first time playing together, and the rest of the day. They picked up the message quickly. We had a twenty minute practice before our games, so we went five on five, no full speed a lil more than half speed, passed, cut, and screened, there was good movement until someone starts dribbling too much, lol. I have a remedy for that, no dribbling, so everything was much more better, especially the comminication, "yo, yo, get right there, right there, move, go through, go through", it's like music too my ears and a sight to see, wow. We played pretty good defense right off the bat because they were listening to me over there on the side, hands up, knees bent, be on the prowl, GO GET IT, and they did, I was like these young fellas sure make it easy for a brotha, lol. Hard work though, hard work, I'm so pumped because I know I always dedicate The Georgetown Basketball School to my son, Chavis, so I know it's all love and the game...I have to tell ya'll about the big fella on my team. I'm really seeing already, totally amazing, I'll tell you about it tomorrow, gotta get in the bed but I'ma put the Jordan Ole Skool Georgetown sneaks up and da G you know...Kent

Getting em "fired" up on the dribbling drills 1 2 3 Let's Goooooo!!!

Teaching foul shooting form before camp

Letting the ball "glide" into the hoop on the free throw

Coach Thompson handing out awards at the end of camp coaches looking on : )

Camper gets award for steady play ( I see you yawning back there coach, lol)

Coach Thompson awarding newphew the team champsionship award at the Georgetown Basketball School

Coach Thompson's son Matthew and Coach Hunter's son Jaylin sit together with team championship trophy

Coach Matt Henry talking to campers as coaches listen on

Coach Thompson compliments me to the campers and parents for hard work!

I found this Kevin Durant video that was made this past summer on the grounds of The Goodman League at Barry Farms..Check out the Goodman Anthem! 

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