Thursday, November 5, 2009

Chris Wrght's Leadership will pay dividends for the Hoyas this season

Sophmore Chris Wright glides in for two points

“Chris this year, so far in practice, he’s been terrific,” head coach John Thompson III said. “He’s somewhat more settled just with where he is with this team. He knows he’s a leader on this team. There’s not even a question about that.”  - Coach John Thompson III

Coach Thompson relays play to his floor general Chris Wright

Leadership Quotes from Chris Wright:

I have to be a leader because I am the point guard,” Wright said. “I have to be very vocal, I have to be upbeat … a lot of the energy of the team is going to be based on how I react to certain things

“We’re harder, we’re hungrier,” Wright said. “We definitely are hungry. We want to prove ourselves to them. We have to get that swagger back that Georgetown’s had for a long time.”

“We have chemistry where we understand each other’s personality [and] each other’s game in a sense that when we’re on the court, we don’t even have to say anything because we know exactly what the other is thinking,” Wright said. “It’s just something that is built over time and we have a lot of trust in each other.”

“I learned that he [Wallace] always was very even keeled, and understood that it’s much bigger than him and it’s much bigger than what he was trying to do; it’s about the team and he got rewarded for what he did,” Wright said.

“I learned as a player, watching some of these other guys, that at certain points in the game, there are certain plays you have to make,” Wright said.

Point Guard leadership

Communication = Leadership

Chris Wright gliding in for the dunk

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