Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hoyanation will rock in 15 days, I can feel it in the air the Hoyas will be gliding


It doesn't matter what team the Hoyas will be playing, all that matters is it's time for redemption Hoyanation. That day is getting is closer and closer. In 15 days it will be gameday, and the Hoyas will be putting their blood, sweat and tears out there on the hardwood. Hoyanation, we know the Hoyas are working hard in practice because that's what they do. A Hoya tradition is continuing and they Hoyas want to keep it going. They are more eager, energized, experienced, determined, confident, fired up, smarter, stronger, and quicker. You add all those up and what do you get?

Excitement and lots of GLIDING, lol, yes, oh what a beautiful sight it will be. When Midnight Madness started I was like, Let's Goooooo!!! I was "fired up". When I went to see each individual Hoya play this summer in Kenner League action, I was looking for that "fire", and I saw it in their eyes, even in the freshmen's eyes as I've stated in a previous writing. The Hoya cheerleaders will be cheering, the Hoya band will be playing, the vision is hype. Hoyanation, I think as long as the Hoyas play hard, smart and have fun they will Glide into top form in the postseason and we will give them our all chanting Let's Go Hoyas, Hoya Saxa, and finally, WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

I went to LIDS yesterday to buy a Georgetown cap in Pentagon City. The hat is called, "Georgetown Hoyas 59Fifty NCAA Swagger". What's really special about this cap for one it's a Gtown hat, lol, secondly, the "creative design in the front of the cap, and what makes even more special is the Let's Goooooo I had sewn on the right side of the cap. These two english words I devoted to my son and the mighty Hoyas. The six "o's" are for the the number of letters in my son Chavis' first name. When I'm rooting for my team or coaching in clinic/camps these words are great motivators for me. I think this season will be a "Dream Season" and one to remember. The Hoyas have developed that faith through adversity and are ready to glide on to the promised land. When I say Let's Goooooo = Chavis, Hoyas, Hoynation, friends and family, it's all about life. Basketball if Life!


We Will Get It Back!

Let's Go Hoyas!


Let's Goooooo!!!  Six"o's"=Chavis
The Dream Season

Rocking that Georgetown Hoyas 59Fifty NCAA Swagger Cap

I just thought about this original song from back in the day Fly Like Eagle by the Steve Miller Band, Hoyas let's go!

Support and Prayer is the key for our Troops, Go USA!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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