Friday, October 16, 2009


Midnight Madness is finally here, and Hoyanation is dancing right now, jumping up and down yelling let's go Hoyas, let's go Hoyasssss.  I woke up this morning thinking about my son Chavis and the celebration of his life 1/16/85 - 10/17/09, love you son.  A very special weekend for me but all the emotions will be inside Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium on the Hilltop.  The wait is overrrrrrrrrr.  The wait has been long and tough, but patient.  Knowing that this Hoya team will be seeking Redemption I think the Hoyas will find it and just think, it all starts tonight.  The "a big basketball party" as Henry Sims calls it.  Outside of McDonough will be the big burgers, the Hoya fans and students wearing the Hoya sportsgear, me, that's always : )  The songs and dances inside are a surprise, so get ready and enjoy the ride and have fun.  Groove Theory, a very creative dance group that gets the crowd rocking and rolling will be doing their thing out there on hardwood.  Just think all this will air on ESPNU starting at 9 till 1and on ESPN2 starting time of 11:30 till 1. ESPN's Bill Raftery and Lou Canellis will be broadcasting and will provide practice coverage, analysis and courtside interviews with the head coach and players.   Wow, it's gonna be a night to remember for me.  You know I'm going to be in heaven on earth. I have to give a big shout out to #12 Lynetta Kizer, University of Maryland Womens Player for wearing my son's #12 in his honor.  Midnight Madness!  Let's Goooooo!!!  Six "o's" = Chavis, Love you son and thanks family!  WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

Let the Madness begin!

It's that time!

Hoya Cheerleaders leading!

Let's Get It, Get It!

Bill Raftery interviews Coach John Thompson III

Coach Williams-Flauntroy and the Lady Hoyas doing the dance!

Lady Hoyas going to do their thing at Midnight Madness!

LOL, Greg Monroe giving up at Midnight Madness!

Me sporting that specially designed Hoya shirt, lol!

Thank you Lynetta Kizer #12

Chavis' #12 Mount Vernon Majors jersey

#12 Chavis 1/16/85 - 10/17/04

Chavis and me

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