Saturday, October 17, 2009

Midnight Madness on the Hilltop was all of it!

The atmosphere, music, big Hoya burger, beef  hotdogs, and the hypeness oh my, my, my what a night it was in Georgetown University McDonugh Gymnasium.  The Hoyanation crowd was pumed up, I was pumped up, I'm still pumped up.I don't think there was still soul in the house.  Russ Parr and DJ doing their thing hyping it up.  Hoyas step team stepping it on, great job!  I was waiting for my favorite dance group, Groove Theory, a classy, hype, energetic, team oriented dance group of Hoya students, I could say so much more about these wonderful student.  Highlight of the night for me is the Lady Hoyas, those ladies were flat out doing it out there dancing on the hardwood, I think they want to do that all season up on the Hilltop and post season, Let's Go Lady Hoyas, great job tonight, they will do well.  Nice tribute to Michael Jackson!  Coach Thompson puts on the white glove, now that was funny.  Nice dance group of students from India, nice music.  The music had that gogo beat to it.  Sound good to me, I enjoyed it, I enjoyed everything.  Good to see the Hoya family and Hoyanation, now let's get get it!  WE ARE GEORGETOWN!   Chavis Devon Harris 1/16/85-10/17/04 I Love you son! Dad : )

Hoyas grooving to Tribute to Michael Jackson's Thrilla at Midnight Madness!

Chris Wright unveling the poster for the new JTII tee

The coolest in the house Hoya Bulldog Mania

Some of Hoyanation Mania!  Let's Goooooo!

The G band : )

The lit up pom pom from Midnight Madness!

Midnight Madness Top of the World cap!

Hoya specially made painted tee!

Miss and love you Chavis my son!

The love of the game, Chavis at 11 Mount Vernon Youth Athletic Association!

Let sun shine on me, thank you son, Dad!

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