Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hometown team gets it in for first night in NBA action

I'm Back!  Gilbert Arenas is back with a great opening night 29 point 9 assist performance.   The Washington Wizards, led by the most talked about Wizard last season Agent "0".  So many people talked so much trash about Gilbert Arenas.  It's like they had forgotten all he's done for D.C. and the Wizards.  Gilbert is a warrior and a team player and brings it every night.  Personally, I cannot talk bad about a player that gives his all in practice and games and shows leadership on and off the court.  For the Wizards Gilbert is still that special player, that dagger, but adapting to more point guard play that will expand his game.  Gilbert being an extension of Coach Flip Saunders will provide him with true leadership that is needed for the hometown team to get it in.  Great night in D.C. for the Wizards and Wizardnation.  I think the Washington Wizards will rock n roll this year.  It's gonna be exciting, it sure was tonight.

Opening Night NBA Action Gilbert goes up the for the layup on Jason Kidd and Dirk Norwinski

Gilbert Areanas 29 pt. 9 assist in first night NBA action

Gilbert Arenas in Kenner League Summer at Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium

I'M BACK!  Gilbert Arenas DVD Live @ The Goodman League at the BF Coliseum, SE D.C.

Poet Pride DVD
Baltimore Legendary Dunbar High School Powerhouse
Greatest High School of All-time

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Support is Mandatory, Let's Goooooo!!!


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