Monday, October 19, 2009

The Summer of Hoya Redemption at Kenner

I was just sitting back thinking about last season and patiently waiting for one of the most prestigous college summer/pro league in the USA.  The famous James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League started a month later than usual, and only a month long, 55 games in 19 days.  Hoya fans were eager to see how their Hoyas have improved mentally and physically from a tough rugid season.  I knew the Hoyas would respond with fire in their eyes with the bitter taste still lingering, the Hoyas are seeking redemption.  I think they will find.  The Kenner League provided the Hoyas to make a change within themselves of self-confidence with a sense of urgency while playing and working on their game.  I think it was a "dream" summer for the Hoyas knowing when the season ended another season immediately began. 

The Hoyas were split up on different teams and played very well.  The first thing I saw was the "fire" in their eyes, even the freshmen.  They knew they had a lot to prove to themselves and I know in there hearts they want to give it back to Hoyanation, and they will.  This is why the true Hoyanation has to raise up, right now.  The Hoyas will glide, there's no doubt about.  Whatever way you want to celebrate this season practice now, practice singing let's go hoyas, Hoyanation hit me wit da ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh jumping up and down.  Remember the song Chris Wright came out to at Midnight Madness?  JUMP!  JTIII, thanks for having the fans run on the floor at Midnight Madness, that gave me somethings to think about later on : )  Let's glide with the Hoyas, come on Hoyanation and soon to be Hoyanationers, LOL!  Let's Goooooo!!!  Enjoy the Kenner League photos! 

#21 Jason Clark Gliding across the hardwood

Hoya freshman Vee Sanford savvy ball handler

Vee Sanford with the nice form

Henry Sims making moves

Jason Clark's determination  glides him to the finish

Vee Sanford defending in Kenner League action

Austin Freeman going up with strength to reboud

Austin Freeman working on ballhandling in Kenner

I remember this Austin Freeman was giving Vee Sanford leadership and direction in the Kenner

Henry Sims defending in the Kenner League

Henry Sims going up on the hack by Calvin Brown (formerly of  Norfok State)

Freshman Jerrelle Benimon in position and mixes it up for rebound

Freshman Jerrelle Benimon strength and ferociousness will provide the Hoyas strong rebounding

Hoyanation, the Jerrelle Benimon puts shot on the glass

Freshman Hollis Thompson in action at the Kenner League

Cordero Holt throws tip off oop to the gliding Hollis Thompson to start the summer session

And down it goes for Hollis Thompson for two

Former Hoya Tyler Crawford on Glide mode at the Kenner League

Crawford comes in the for the landing

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