Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hoyanation I'm ready and I know you are too, Let's Glideeee!


Good morning Hoyanation, we gotta go out there and get it. The countdown until the first game continues, coaches coaching, players working hard, going through the whole scenario time and time again to get it right.  The right combination, the cohesiveness to being one unit, the strong sense of urgency, the focus, striving for excellence and one goal, a national champsionship, the Hoyas are ready for the challenge.

The Hoyas will take the necessary steps second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, and night by night the Hoyas will be in full flight.  I sit back and think about the Hoyas having the momentum in games pressing, always having their hands up and waving them up down on defense as the crowd is chanting, "let's go Hoyas, let's go Hoyas", and then a steal, a pass, then gliding in for two..  Jump on em again, another steal, okay, I'll calm down.  I'm just totally hyped as I can be.  The Hoyas will do well, I have as much confidence in them as I always had because WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

Coach Thompson teaching the game

Hoyas and some of  Hoyanation

Hoya Saxa!  Hoya Saxa!  Hoya Saxa!

Best 13 year old in the nation?  6'6" Andrew Wiggins

Steve "Air" McNair CRAZY Football Mixtape

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