Thursday, October 15, 2009

HOYANATION, I can hear you now, chanting, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas!

Although, this weekend will be the fifth year since my son Chavis' death 10/17/04, I will be celebrating a new beginning of a "dream season" once again, they say you can never stop dreaming no matter what, that's exactly what I do "dream" and when those dreams come true I move to the next, but right now, it's about the Hoyas journey to Indianapolis..  For the Hoyas, I think it started right after the season ended, for Hoyanation, it starts tomorrow night, yes, Midnight Madness.  It will be a great night, it seems when the going gets rough and things get tough, Georgetown makes it nice enough!  I like to rhyme sometimes about anything great that comes to my mind especially the Hoyas.  I think the only fever I have this upcoming may is  Hoya Fever, although not a sickness, it's a cure.  I can hear it, man ole man, McDonough rockin Let's Go Hoyas.  Let's get ready to go on this journey to the Final Four.  The fans are very anxious and ready and raring to go and so am I.  Let's Goooooo!!!

Midnight Madness Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium

Hoya band ready and blazing to go!

Hoyanation at the Verizon!

Hoyanation, Let's Goooooo!!!

In remembrance of my son Chavis this season is dedicated to you!

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