Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hoyas find a way to put the train back on the tracks with a 69-49 win over St. John's

Back to Life Hoyas!

Hoyas did that indeed. They found a way to get back on track. After struggling in the first half the Hoyas seemed determined not to make the same mistakes (crucial turnovers) they made in the previous game. The Hoyas were down by eight at the 12:17 mark. 

They managed to tie the score 13-13 on a free throw made by Henry Sims at the 9:35 mark of the first half. After this mark in the first half the Hoyas stepped the rebounding and defense for the remainder of the first half. Freshmen Otto Porter had seven rebounds and one key steal. He's Otto-matic! His toughness is very high. Also, Greg Whittington had four big rebounds early on and eight for the entire game.. I thought they really stepped up in the first half. Score at the half 25-19 Hoyas. Hoyas outrebounded St. John's 41-29.

The second half for the Hoyas was much better offensesively and defensively. Good, quick ball and player movement on the offensive end and good put backs by Gregory Whittington. He was on high alert and clearly in attack mode on both sides of the court. 

The Hoyas could use this every night in Whittington he has so many weapon. My take is your the Player of the Year in the DMV, means man you got crazy game and you're the best now just put and keep it on display and live your dream everyday.

Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson scoring picked up in the second half. All great shooters are mentally tough keep their confidence level no matter what the score is. With better ball movement (zip passes) I think Hollis loves best he can can rapidly catch and shoot or rapidly catch, dribble pull up, knock down. 

"Coming out of halftime you have to say 'Well, none have dropped but I have confidence in my shooting and if the last ones haven't dropped that means I got one coming soon,' " said Thompson, who leads the Big East in 3-point shooting at 52.4 percent.

"Hollis didn't realize he was 0-for. That's what makes him a good shooter," the coach said. 

The two seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims held it steady on the court for Hoyas. They were the stablizers. Their team fed off of their leadership. They are as one. It's truly amazing to see the the team bond. When you think about it this is phenomenal.

I still hear folks talking man we should've of beating St. John's by a larger margin etc. One thing I have to tell them and something that've I read that I would like to remind them of. "I'm going to give you a cookie-cutter answer but it's true, every game in this league is big," said John Thompson, whose team plays at DePaul on Tuesday. "Obviously, just emotionally, you don't want to lose three in a row and then have to go back on the road again. Wins in this league on the road are hard to come by and every night is a dogfight. Every night you have to scrape. So, this was a big game in that regard." Every game in the Big East is TOUGH, every game. I think we've read so much about this great conference over years. 

Hoyanation, the Hoyas are back "Back to Life" from here on out, "one game at a time!" 

Once again these are some instances of the Hoyas, again, showing they have each other's back something I think the Hoyas are perfecting more and more as the season goes forward. When one players is not playing well or struggling the others step up. This is the beauty of the game of basketball and the Hoyas. 


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