Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Game talk

Get On Up Hoyas!

Our last game this was said about the Hoyas in the Journal Sentinel, a Milwaukee-Wisconsin newspaper; Georgetown took more shots than Marquette, but the Golden Eagles were the tougher team with nine more rebounds and six more free throws. Is this saying the Hoyas need to play tougher? I would say more aggressive and lots more energy especially on defense. We didn't press much against Marquette. Personally, I would love to see more pressing in Big East action. It's more exciting and the team get so much energy from it.

The press gets the team alert and wakes them up during games especially when there may be a lull during the game. We have more than enough players to accomplish both defensively and offensively what we need to do. More movement without the ball, and hard cuts, screens would be sufficient. Need more of this!  

I think the Hoyas will come out with lots of energy and intensity tonight. I would love to see most of the Hoya troops in action tonight. Just through them in there, and let them play. We'll definitely see more results.

One thing about basketball you may have some kids who are not practice players but are game players. The saying is; if you go hard in practice you'll do the same in games, and see the results. In most cases that's true, but as a coach I know and realize is that sometimes it's a different situation. Some kids who may not practice well play well in games. I don't why that is, but it's true.

Already this sesaon I've watched a numerous amount of college hoops. I've been able to see how some coaches; Butler, Marquette to name a couple substitute their players. Butler goes as far as playing a walk-on. This kid hit the winning shot to beat then number uno Indiana Hoosiers. His coach had to believe in him for this kid to have the confidence to put him in the game to hit the winning shot. Watching Marquette Coach Buzz Williams' coaching, he shuffled players in and out of the game which kept the other players fresh. Ten to be exact.

His reserves scored a total sixteen points against our Hoyas. Certain players that had been having bad games had good games against us. I'm pretty sure it's worth giving players chances to by playing them and letting them play through their mistakes as long as their not critical. I don't care what class their in. I use to tell my players; "not only are you seniors, juniors, sophomore's or freshmen, you're basketball players." This let's the team know they can play with anyone. I'll coach them up on the court as the game goes along. I have the energy to do this.

Put it this way, if I was a first sergeant and I had a platoon and we had to go to war, I'd have to take all of my troops and all would have to fight. I already know they have each other's back if one goes down. The Hoyas have a great team full of players that can play. There is enough time for them to play, as a matter of fact there's more than enough time for them to play, but of course when it comes down to the nitty gritty, I'm going to have my best five players in the game because they've earned that right to be in the game during crunch time. Whomever has the hot hand will remain in the game, and I don't care what class they're in.

I would love to see the Hoyas get the win tonight against Pittsburgh, but there's some things the Hoyas know they must do to win. Play great, tough, smart, aggressive team basketball.

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