Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bad loss on the homefront

It's Not Over Hoyanaton! 

There's no need to go into detail with this article. I'm sure we already know what happened last night. Yes, history was made. History made in a bad way, a big loss to the Pittsburgh Panthers 73-45. It was the worst home loss for the Hoyas in more than a decade. The previous was a 23-point loss to Notre Dame in 2000.

 In the Hoyas first conference game played at home the outcome was totally unexpected. It is what it is. I'm not mad at all. I'm just looking for answers for a solution. I do know that the Hoyas need to attack more, but it starts with our point guard.

Yes, coach Thompson was right, this was embarrassing. Can this be the start of something bad or something good? I don't think it can get any worse than this. Knocking off UCLA and taking Indiana to overtime, hammering Texas and Tennessee proved the Hoyas could hang with the best of them. What this loss proves is how fast the Hoyas can hit the bottom, but can find a way to get back up. Will there be some changes.

I think they're should be, but not many. Thinking positive through this storm and having the faith through adversity seeing us through. The way I'm looking at it and hoping this game could be used as the start of something new. New starting line up. Yes, but just one change, and that change would be at the center position. Junior Moses Ayegba taking the starting nod over sophomore F/C Mikael Hopkins would do the Hoyas a great service. Big Mo I call him is more mature mentally and especially physically. His hands are definitely better. Big Mo's strength is like no other in the college game today. Play him.

I think the best thing to do now especially since the Hoyas have some time before Saturday's game at the
St. John's is to go back to the drawing board and start all over. It won't take much thinking and doing. You already have your new starting five. Now, to figure out how to play everyone shouldn't be hard at all. Why?  Just play them. (lol) To me it's easy. Most of our players' play good defense for one. You play defense for me you're all playing at some point in the game.

Challenge them. The one's I feel that need a push, I'll coach them up on the court during the game. My dream is to see the all the youngings play. I believe in them, and I know they believe in themselves. Are they gonna makes mistakes? Heck yeah? They'll learn to play through them even the critical ones. We have all the length in the world and we have all the space in the world right there on the basketball court at the Verizon Center aka "the phone booth," so let's use it with everyone. I need to see my Hoyas looking and acting more focus during warm ups. I need to see all with that sir Jason Clark before game mug look. Yes indeed! True leader he was. We need this! Let's get it!

We need them all. When good to great players know you need them they normally respond to the task at hand because you're showing you have confidence in them. You give a kid confidence, sit back and watch them go to work. They'll play amazing everytime out. I'm the first sergeant all my troops go to war and we all fight together as one unit. Now the Hoyas know we need each other more than EVER! Let's Go Hoyas!


Start It Back Up Hoyas! Let's Go!

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