Thursday, January 17, 2013

Life is better

Life Is Better

I couldn't wait for this game. It was my son Chavis' birthday, and also it was GU Alumni Jason Clark's birthday, and guess what? He attended the game last night seeing his little brothers' the Georgetown Hoyas beat the Providence Friars 74-65. The day was bittersweet for me. I so wanted the Hoyas to win this game for my son, and they did. This was the highlight of my day, my Hoyas.

The played relentless with a sense of urgency for most of the game. I was impressed at the energy the Hoyas put out offensively and defensively. The smiles were there. This told me the confidence level for the Hoyas was high. The communication and point communication were a sight to see and hear. The Hoyas reserves were key with two (Smith/Bowen) scoring a total of 15 points. I think most fans were excited and surprised to see the great play put on display by redshirt sophomore Aaron "Air Time" Bowen. This dude has bounce!

When Bowen arrived on the Hilltop (Georgetown) and played his first game in the Kenner League I said to myself, "man this kid is the most athletic player the Hoyas have, and has had in some time." What a sight to see him come off of the bench with lots of energy shooting and making "hail mary" three balls. The ball just hangs high in the air and then drops in and SWISH! This young man has all the potential in the world in his craft. As I stated before, AB is not wearing the #23 just for show he's trying to represent his team and the greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan. Three 3's were made between he and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera.

Sophomore Jabril Trawick started the game in place of sophomore Greg Whittington (school issues) had a nice outing against the Friars. He looked very confident and played 31 minutes. Trawick had 3 stls., 4 rebs., & 5 points and was 3-4 from the free throw line. His defense energy and stoppage of his opponents paid many dividends for the Hoyas on the defensive end. Kudos!

I was so excited to see my team go after the ball on defense in so many ways. If you dive for loose balls you've won my heart. I mean totally. From the start of the game this is what I saw in the Hoyas, the hunger and will to want to take it. Nate Lubick! Good hustle man! We love your toughness man and thanks for diving for those loose balls. We know defense win's championships and we see you know too. Haha! Super sophomore Otto Porter the same. Porter led the way with 20 pts. 8-13 and 3-3 on the free throw line. Junior point guard Markel Starks had 16 pts. and shot well from the free throw line 5-6 and lead the Hoyas with 7 assists and 3 steals. The Hoyas shot 53.2%, 41.7% from 3 point range and 76.0% from the free throw line. Good job Hoyas!

Junior forward Nate Lubick dives for loose ball me...I'm up clapping it up, this is one big thing that'll get me out of my seat his hustle plays like this! Dive dive diveeeee! Take it it's yours! 

Super sophomore Otto Porter diving for the ball vs. Providence

photo's courtesy
of  Christine Burns

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