Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Senior Night was a blast for the Hoyas and Hoyanation

Glad to be in the background of this photo before game/senior night with a great Hoya Henry Sims

 This Time of Year Hoyas, Hoyanation!

Hoyanation and friends, once I got home I settled in and found it was hard for me to write this blog because of the emotions for me of seeing Jason and Henry play their last home game here in D.C. I managed to get a breakthrough to write this blog. I'm glad I got through it.

Wow, Senior Night for senior's Jason Clark and Henry Sims was very special to me. I knew this moment for them would come, but I didn't want it to. It's almost like your own kids leaving for college and getting out into the world and you'll hardly see them again. Was it an emotional time for me? Yes, but I also knew that there was a task at hand to be dealt with. Notre Dame Irish!

If anyone thought just because it was senior night for seniors Jason Clark and Henry Sims that it would be so emotional that it would affect the Hoyas play, well I'm here to say, it didn't. If anything, I would have to say I think it movtivated the Jason and Henry and team to the highest level of execution. We saw this on senior night in the Hoyas drubbing of nation's hottest basketball teams. Previously, the Irish were cooled off by a St. John's "relentless" team. This team maybe has six players, but are know to play "ironman" basketball in my eyes. So it didn't really suprise me the Red Storm had beaten the Irish.

No disrepect, but going into this game my saying was like the Lucky Charms commercial that used to come on TV. "Always after me Lucky Charms, they're magically delicious." (lol) The Hoyas did just that they went after the Irish aka Lucky Charms and took it. The Hoyas took the game from start to finish. Their DEFENSE was spectacular and a sight to see. You see the brotherhood, communication, determination and "sense of urgency."  These things were at very high level. "If we play defense the way we did the last couple of games," Sims said, "you've got to be happy with that."

After this game on senior night all the press gave the Hoyas a lot of "props" about their spectacular DEFENSE. Even Notre Dame Coach Mike Brey gave the Hoyas a shout out about their DEFENSE. "That may be the best defensive team we played against this season," Notre Dame coach Mike Brey said. Their length and their size and their quickness bothered us," Brey said about the Hoyas."

ESPN's Jay Bilas had this say about the Hoyas: "That's what was so impressive. You're used to Georgetown with their back door cuts and the Princeton offense (ahem ahem Georgetown Offense Jay lol) that they run making good passes, and looking good. They're TREMENDOUS on DEFENSE end. They're long, they're athletic, they're on the catch, they block shots, they rebound well. That was near as perfect game defensively as I've seen all year. And it's a team that's versatile defensively and when they switch they have multiple guys that guard multiple spots and that's hard to deal with."

I have to give a special shout out to Hoya forward/point/two guard Greg "Magic" Whittington for his effort and support of his two seniors. He sent them out with a bang scoring his career high of 15 points. Although he only had one rebound his coach had this to say about him. "Yeah, well, he forgot that we still need him to rebound. Because you look at this little stat sheet here: Whittington, one rebound. So he fell in love with his shooting today and forgot to do everything else."

Bilas on Twitter:

Georgetown's defense against Notre Dame: WOW!!
"We wanted to leave with a bang," he said. "We wanted to do our best on the court to help our team win." -Senior Jason Clark

One thing about it Coach Thompson III has his team focused on life through basketball and the tasks at hand. "Forget all that," Thompson replied when asked about the conference standings and tournament. "We have to prepare for our next game. And then after that, you have to prepare for the next game. And if you start thinking about double-byes, single-byes, seedings, this, that and the other, you forget to prepare for the next game."



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