Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tough road loss for the Hoyas in Big East regular season finale 83-69

Keep Your Head To The Sky Hoyas!
Earth, Wind & Fire

It was a race to the finish line. Marquette came out with great insensity on their senior day and took the 89-63 win. A tough loss for the ole blue and gray today on the road. Although the Hoyas fought back and hung around Marquette would match the Hoyas bucket for bucket. The Hoyas missed lots of free throws throughout the game, crucial ones at times.

 The turnovers at crucial times didn't help matters either.The Golden Eagles outscored the Hoyas 24-8 in points off turnovers. "A lot of it led from poor decisions on offense which then led to transition baskets for them or fouls in transition, which happened a lot," Georgetown coach John Thompson III said. "I don't think our transition defense was where it has to be.

Senior Jason Clark had this say about the game: He blamed the loss primarily on the Hoyas' bad decisions on offense.
"They are a good transition team and they were able to get out and run and score baskets," he said.

Thinking about it in a positive way, this game reminds me of the China brawl. How? I don't know it just does. Anytime anything negative happens to me I try to think of positive things/ways to get over the hump and move on, so I guess this is no different for me. 

The Hoyas used the China brawl to motivate them in so many ways, and we've seen this all season long in great wins for the Hoyas. This loss is no different. So this tough loss for the Hoyas can be used as big time motivation for them to win the Big East Tournament in the World's Greatest Arena - Madison Square Garden. 

The post-season is is where the chemistry and team bond plays a "huge" part in going the distance for tourney championship.. The "sense of urgency" in the Hoyas now knowing the level they need to "consistently" play at coming off of one toughest losses of the season. The Hoyas ability to play in neutral places have also payed dividends for them. The free throws should worked on as we speak. 

Free throws, at this time of the year are CRUCIAL, so make no bones about with the high level these teams will be playing at it's going all boil down to winning games on the free throw line and limiting costly turnovers. Teams are gonna come out and test us especially on defensive end with the presses, but the Hoyas have to take this as a challenge and get the ball up the court and make it happen, score, make their dreams a reality. 

We are behind our mighty Hoyas and have been all season. We won't stop now Hoyanation, we won't stop now, so let's keep on singing Let's Go Hoyas, let's go Hoyas, let's go Hoyas! It's tourney time! Big East Tourney time, so let's get it done Hoyanation one game at a time. 

I always say the harder somebody beats you can only make you better if you accept it, stay positive and move on. Dreams are made from comebacks! 



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