Monday, March 12, 2012

Hoyas are dancing!

In the beginning it was Midnight Madness, the Hoyas were dancing, it's March Madness, the Hoyas are still dancing. I love it. They earned the right to dance! Right now "My Feet Keep Dancing" I'm doing the Happy Feet (lol). Hoyanation and friends I hope you all too.

Caught In The Lights Hoyas

Tyler "Biggie" Adams

Aaron "Air" Bowen

Jason "Smoov" Clark

Henry "Big Hank" Sims

Hollis "Hollywood" Thompson

Mikael "Big Slim" Hopkins

Joe "Cool" Caprio

Nate "Tough Guy" Lubick

Markel "Sho Nuff" Stark and Coach John Thompson III

Moses "Vice Grip" Ayegba

Otto "Otto-Matic" Porter aka OTP (Other Team's Problem)

Jabril "Real Deal" Trawick

Gregory "Magic" Whittington

Jack Hoya Dancing too Hoyanation (lol)

 Hoyanation and friends it all started right here in the 2011 famed James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League
"The Beginning"
Thanks to Marsreels

The Beginning Hoyas Midnight Madness 2011-2012

The Hoyas in China, Nothing Could Be Finer

Courtesy of Dime Magazine to put this paragraph in the their magaznine about Belmont vs. Hoyas:

MIDWEST: Georgetown (No. 3 seed)
Georgetown is a team that has all the necessary pieces. They’ve got the perfect roster to fit the type of basketball they need to play to win. With the recent emergence of Henry Sims, Georgetown’s roster matches their identity even more now. Sims has been passing the ball carefully and skillfully. They’ve been able to use him as that post facilitator that Roy Hibbert and Greg Monroe used to be. They’ve got Hollis Thompson and Jason Clark who can both knock down outside shots and both have the experience needed to provide that will to win mentality. The key advantage for Georgetown is their depth. The freshman Otto Porter has provided a great spark for them and has really turned it up as of late. If Georgetown is playing at tip top shape they can be a very big test for Kansas and then top-seeded UNC

From NBC Sports Rob Dauster (College Basketball Talk):

Sweet 16 sleeper (9 or lower): No. 14 Belmont: One of the trendiest upset picks since the bracket was announced was the Bruins knocking off Georgetown. While I, personally, don’t see it — its just not a good matchup — the fact of the matter is that Belmont is a very good basketball team. They push the tempo through pressure and they shoot a lot of threes. When those threes are going down, they are good enough to pick off a higher-seeded team. I hope they keep shooting lots of 3's because those will be challenged.

Let's Goooooo! I'm up baby, I'm up!

One Team, One Family, One Goal



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