Saturday, March 31, 2012

Henry Sims does work in 2012 NABC Reese's All-Star Game wears #33

Senior Hoya center Henry Sims donning #33 in the NABC Reese's All Star Game played in New Orleans 

 First I would like to congratulate Georgetown Hoyas center Henry Sims of making the National Association of Basketball Coaches Reese's All Star Game. The game was shown on March 31, (Saturday) at 2 pm.

I couldn't find any stats on the game but the New Orleans newspaper NOLA Time had Sim with 11 points. I was very impressed of how Henry played. His team won 103-99. His play was stellar on both ends of the court. His hustle up and down the court, rebound, defense, and communication were a factor for his East team.

Before the game announcer Greg Anthony asked, "will this be an all star game played hard, because lots of all stars are played hard." Well, I can say this game was a classic and that's what it rightfully should be called a "classic." Both teams played hard. I would too.. This is another chance for the professional basketball scouts to get a look at a group of seniors coming out of college into the professional field.

Game announcers Greg Anthony and Steve Smith agreed on the Alabama legendary Coach Wimp Sanderson, a fiery a coach for the Resse's All Star East team was their MVP of the game. Legendary LSU Coach Dale Brown was the the coach of the West All Star's he was chill mode although his team played hard. 

Wimp Sanderson looked right at home on the sideline - complete with his scowl and trademark plaid jacket. He implored his team to play defense and said afterward that he had fun after the two days of practice.

"When you coach, you have to be yourself. You can't be somebody else. A lot of people say I can't be anybody else, because I ain't got no personality," Sanderson said. "The game is for the kids. I'm still a kid at heart when it comes to winning and losing, but the game is for the kids. I did the best I could to make it that way. I've still got a lot of whatever in me."


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  1. yup henry played eighteen minutes six rebbies 11 points two assists did pretty good i think 4-7 but 3-6 fouls shots not bad stats for 18minutes and HIS TEAM WON . yup BUT orange jerseys ouch man