Monday, May 21, 2012

Give Big Roy the ball

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I know it's been a while since I've posted but I guess you could say I just wanted to vent here on my blog about former Hoya big man Roy Hibbert sitting for so long during game 4 of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. I know and realize Big Roy had 4 fouls when his coach sat him down in late in the 3rd quarter. He only had two touches. He didn't come back in the game until 6:11 in the fourth quarter. Big Roy sat for two long. I'm pretty sure he would've managed his fouls at 4 he still had two more, but sat at very key points in the game. Afterwards, Lebron James and Wade were in attack mode for the remainder, so by the time Big Roy came back in the game it was practically too late for he and his team to counter the Heat blows.

In my opinion you cannot sit your "key" players down for too long no matter the circumstances. When Roy is in foul trouble Coach Vogel needs to stress for his teammates to have his back and take some "charges" when both Wade and James are in attack mode. This would help a great deal, but it would take lots of communication on Roy's teammates behalf.

Actually Big Roy was playing well before he got in foul trouble his stat line was in 32 minutes he was 4-9 in field goals, 2-4 free throws, 9 rebounds, 3 blocked shots, 3 turnovers. If you don't get your big the ball he gets frustrated, and the fouls start piling because he's not properly being used in the offense.

The Pacers still managed to shoot 33-79 @ 41.8% in field goals for the game, but would have had a better chance at raising this percentage with Big Roy in the game at crucial moments especially in the fourth quarter. I didn't understand him not starting the fourth quarter or at least coming in at the nine minute mark of this quarter.

Also, as the Pacers shot 7-22 @ 31.8% from the 3 point line? This is why Big Roy had very limited touches while he was in the game (5)? Are you kidding me? Another thing that bothered me in this game is the starting lineup. The Pacers start two shooting guards and not a point guard? To me this makes one heck of difference especially when both your point guard and center are the focal points of any team. Darren Collison is a pretty nice point guard with good leadership skills but sat for most of the game. This another major problem by not having your point guard in the game especially when he did get in the game he played well.

Collison's stat line was 16 points (lead all bench scorers on both teams) in 20 minutes? But, anyways, he was 6-7 in field goals, 0-1 in 3 pointers, (this was good because he was smart enough to know when to "attack" and get inside the paint or give it to the big in the paint the little bit of time he was in the game). 4-6 on the free throw line (another good stat). 1 rebound, 1 assist and 1 steal. His energy was there.

As a matter of fact he brough such a furious energy it ignited his team and the Pacers' fans big time, but he ended up on the bench for what unknown reason. We all know coaches make mistakes, so hopefully Coach Vogel see's this and can fix this problem and othe problems as well. The Pacers shouldn't have to make too many adjustments. They just have to play, and coach smarter.

"Let's get back to playing smart and give me the ball"
Big Roy Hibbert
Pacersaxa baby!

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  1. Nice analysis- on point; this was some of the strangest NBA playoff coaching seen in recent years. Vogel should have put Roy and West back with at least nine minutes left.