Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big Roy, No Ball Again

Give Me The Night and Give Me The Ball!

I'm pretty sure the photo above tells it all. Again, Roy gets very little touches in the paint. It's sickening watching basketball not properly being played the right way - inside/out, especially when you have true legit center in the middle. I don't know what Coach Vogel was thinking about the last two games, but he seems to be lost in space and has not clue on how to counter the Heat's attack. Both of these games were winnable.

When I look at the Indiana Pacers game stats I just literally shake my head. I feel as if someone should make a bobble head Glidehoyas for just this purpose, so everytime I watch a basketball game I would have the bobblehead right beside me, so when I "unsmart" basketball I could tap and watch it's head bobble. (lol)

Although Roy missed five of his shots you could clearly see his team playing selfishly and not giving him the ball throughout the game. The announcers even were saying this. While I was on Twitter the Pacers fans were outraged by the "inability" of Roy's teammates to get him the ball. Roy shot three jumpshots and made one three pointer and it reminded me of this. Although the Pacers did not win the game it was great to hear the legendary Rich Chvotkin"The Voice of the Hoyas" in this video. 

Oh, I did see one great stat. Free throws. Okay, when I'm coaching my team I get the stat sheet after each quarter and halftime. I see the only good stat, again, free throws 17-23 @73.9%. Although this was stat was at the end of the game, it still was only good stat throughout the game.

So, why didn't Coach Vogel recognize this and tell his team to pound the ball into the post so they could get to the free throw line? Go figure! Instead his team settled for the jumpshots. One thing about shooting many jumpshots and missing against a very good team such as the Heat - it's makes it easier for them to get the ball in transition and score.

This actually helps the other team get easy baskets. It's as bad as a turnover, and your literally giving the game away. Part of my gameplan would've been to pound, pound pound the ball inside or tell your guards, "I don't care how you get the ball inside, find a way." One thing about Michael Jordan, he always found a way. It's about the mentality, heart and determination of the game especially in the NBA playoffs. Roy's stats, and he only played 28 minutes, no foul trouble. 8 points, 12 rebounds, 1 block, 1 assist and 1 turnover. This is why see photo below!

Pacers center Big Roy Hibbert calls for the ball but his teammates rather settle for jumpshots

Can't Forget You/Me Big Roy


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