Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The difference between Lebron James and Kevin Durant is that Durant is a cluth player and James is not. Why? Because James is not in this video:

Sitting here at work thinking about what the Oklahoma City Thunder need to do beat the Miami Heat. There is no doubt the Heat on are the beat - out of the Eastern Conference that is. Congrats! OKC out of the Western Conference. Congrats! In my opinion the Heat were suppose to beat the Boston Celtics, maybe sweep them. Only reason why I say sweep is because of the injuries and age of the Celtic players. I give mad kudos to the Celtics taking the Heat to 7 games.

It took everyting for the Heat to beat the Celtics especially with one of their major and young defensive stoppers Avery Bradley injured. The Celtics were playing off of sheer experience and determination because the odds were against them big time. For a while I didn't know which way this series was going to go, but I do know the Heat should have taken the Celtics out early.

Did this help or hurt the Heat going into this series with the Thunder? Does the Heat enough to beat OKC? Both teams split at home this past season, so I think it's pretty much even going into The Finals, but we must remember this Thunder team has grown up along the way and have gotten better especially beating a GREAT Spurs team with a GREAT Coach Popovich.

Lots of adjustments were made to beat this GREAT Spurs team that had won 20 games straight. The Spurs were definitely a  MUCH better team than the Heat in opinion. For OKC to stop such run by the Spurs at that particular was a big feat for them. Score 102-82! Blow out fashion. Now, who would've ever thought such a young team would beat such a veteran team with a great coach by 20 points. Goes to show the maturity and smarts this young OKC team put on display. The Thunder were still down in the series 2-1.

"It was good for us to get a win in front of the home crowd," said Thunder standout Thabo Sefolosha. "We knew coming back home it would be a different ball game. It's going to be a long series. This is only one game."

"They just flat out beat us," San Antonio's Stephen Jackson said. "They played with more energy. They gave us a good old fashioned butt-whipping."

"We haven't lost in a while. We'll see how we react to it," Spurs veteran big man Tim Duncan said. "Hopefully the guys will come back jacked up." They were but OKC tied the series 2-2.

"They played very well. They played like it was a close-out game," Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said.

"They played better than we did. We played much more poorly than we have and they played fantastic basketball in every way."

"We played defensive-minded basketball. That's how we win," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said.

I think the biggest change was at the point guard position amongst the other changes. From what I saw the ball needed to slowed down and moved around before a shot was released this mostly was a great change in Russell Westbrook's play at the point guard position. This was very smart on his behalf to slow down, keep his head up, and get his teammates involved in the offense. Indeed a very unselfish move on his behalf. Salute!

I think it'll be the little things that add to the big picture for the Thunder to win. James and Wade LOVE to the basket. Take charges on them all day! Wade likes to split between two defenders, and this is what Wade does best, "split between defenders." Don't let him because he becomes "Flash" when he does this. Lebron's high IQ of the game is something to be reckoned with, so the Thunder will have to keep an eye on him especially when James doesn't have the ball. He's great at moving without the ball at times for second rebounds. Big time communication/point communication will also be a big key.

With Kevin Durant's high basketball IQ, and what through the Spurs off in game 6 was Durant's to take over at the point guard position when he was so desperately going into the second half. It was either do or die. I saw how James Harden and Russell Westbrook were struggling a little bit, so I'd hope Durant would take over at the point guard position and get his teammates involved and know when to take over.

Duran't unselfish and ability to get this teammates the ball was stellar and this became contagious. It was as if the Thunder were developing and learning from each other right before our eyes in game 6. It was almost a miracle to me.
With Westbrook and Harden at the wings you couldn't go wrong at this time in the game. The Thunder were down by 18 points and down 15 by the half. I think this is what mostly shocked the Spurs in this game of how the Thunder roared back off of Durant's leadership. This is something they didn't expect because this sure wasn't on game film from the previous game.  Kevin Durant scored 34 points and pulled down 14 rebounds. If this isn't leadership and clutch I don't what is.

I guess you could say I'm wondering if this will be the Heat's first and last dance this season. Below.

Anyways will be seeing this and more! I'm rooting for my homeboy Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder! Who are you rooting for? 

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