Friday, January 1, 2010

Hoyas continue the Hoya Redemption Dream Season and glide to first Big East win on New Years Eve 66-59!


Hoyanation, "the bittersweet taste is gone"!  Yesssss!  I remembered the feeling as if I were playing.  I had to and put it in my game for the next meeting no matter how long the wait was to play the RedStorm again!  I've been waiting, waiting ever since the last time we played.  The time came tonight on New Years Eve for the continuation of the "dream season".  The game was a battle, a dunkfest. Julian "JuJu" Vaughn's vicious dunk in Redstorm traffic, I yelled out, "watch ya headddd", wow Julian, lol, I like, I likeee.  Greg Monroe's transitional two handed monster dunk was sensational, and Austin Freeman's "thunderous dunk" to rattle the "tin", in transition to crack the Redstorms strikesI  The Hoyas focused, "determined",  tough and gritty came out with the redemption feeling and won 66-59.  The smart play at the point guard position has been played  with a "sense ofr urgency" and has payed dividends for the Hoyas   Chris Wright's understanding of pure point guard play had bloosomed at the right time, Big East play.  Here's a quote from the Hoya junior point guard Chris Wright, ""This is a key point. This is a key next four minutes," Wright told them."  All the "smart", "recognizable", things add up to the big picture.  Just like they say, "the point guard is an extension of the coach on the floor"!  I truly beliee in that statement.  Wow, what a game!  I could hear Mr. Rich Chvotkin right now, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, Hoyas win, lol.  By the way, it was a pleasure to meet the voice of the Hoyas today.   Great job fellas, "the unity", "the bond", "the communication" "I got your back, you got my back" mentality will glide into greater heights Hoyanation and friends.

Coach Thompson "smoothly" explains call to referee during Hoyas vs. St. John's for first Big East game 12.31.09

#15 Junior Austin defends pass from St. John's player 12.31.09

#4 Chris Wright glides in transition for two points in New Year's Eve's win over the Redstorm 12.31.09

Coach somebody's gotta win, and somebody's gotta lose, no call, lol

#1 Freshman Hollis Thompson's hustle play makes St. John's player miss layup 12.31.09

The huslte plays against St. John's, of Hoya big man #10 Sophomore Hoya Greg Monroe are become very contagious amongst teammates 12.31.09

#15 Austin Freeman glides in for one of his two "thunderous dunks" against the St. John's Redmen 12.31.09

Gotta hit with that Snoop again, I WANNA ROCK RIGHT NOW!  LET'S GO HOYAS, HOYA SAXA!



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