Friday, January 15, 2010

Hoyas dazzle Seton Hall 85-73 with a furious attack and major defense


Hoyanation and friends I must say the Hoyas's glide was fast and furious.  Hoyas stay focused and attentive for most of the game and defend their home court once again.  Chris Wright (21 pts.), and Jason Clark's (20 pts.)  guard play was phenomenal last night.  Chris Wright's point guard play and leadership are very smart which leads to his play being amazing.   It should be in headlines, "extra, extra, read all about it, Jason Clark shuts down Jeremy Hazzell one of the best shooters in the college game today with slick defense".

I had to take this photo with my cellphone, lol.  Marked man Jeremy Hazzell shooting around before the game.  Jason Clark and company did a good job shutting down one of college basketball's top shootting guards .14.09

I can tell you when I used to coach my son's teams, it was all about "defense" with me.  I had some teams that could flat out score, but I knew we would also need to stop our opponents from scoring points so we could score more points.  Defense wins championships, bottom line, and of course free throws.  I think when you're playing the best player or shooter on the court and you shut him down gives you tremendous confidence to play against any great player or shooter. 

Great job Jason!  Austin  Freeman (16 pts.) was steady and usual showing great leadership and determination.  Julian Vaughn's  (13 pts.) inside play was strong and skillful.  Greg Monroe's leadership from the start and his athleticism and ability to run the floor is always a sight to see.  Henry Sims "fiery play" off of the bench play a big part in keeping the Pirates off of the glass, his toughness and attentiveness is just what the Hoyas need in his call of duty.  Freshman Hollis Thompson's play continues to be exciting with the little things he does that add to the big picture.

Hollis' three pointer deep in the corner was what the Hoyas needed at the right time!  It was good to see the other freshman Vee Sanford out there on the floor last night.  I'm excited about that young man, and Hoyanation, you should be too, just wait you will see.  In the mean time, good talking to you once again.  As the Hoyas continue their "redemption dream season" and I will glide and enjoy the ride and root them on to victory becasue WE ARE GEORGETOWN!

#10 Greg Monroe defending 1.14.09

The Great Hoyas Defense on display 1.14.09

#4 Chris Wright glides past Seton Hall defender for two points 1.14.09

Chris Wright elbows up shooting the floater

Big Greg Monroe was everywhere on defense against the Pirates 1.14.09

#10 Greg Monroe plays smart and takes a charge on Seton Hall player 1.14.09

The emotion, competitiveness, desire Coach Thompson III in action, lol, looks like he doing the James Brown when he was on Saturday Night Live "Hot Tub",  too funny



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