Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hoyas glide to the Midwest to give it their best shot against the DePaul Blue Demons



Let's sing altogether now Hoyanation, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas, Let's Go Hoyas, I can hear these chants right now.  Hoya Saxa! Hoya Saxa! Hoya Saxa!


The Hoyas (10-1) have gone to Midwest to take care of business against the DePaul Blue Demons (7-6) in their first of a two game Big East road trip.  Will Walker, a senior, leads the charge for the Blue Demons at 16.1 points a game and leads his team in steals at 1.5 a game.  I've been wanting to say this for so long, so I'm going to say it, it's kind of funny but true, "the Hoyas are leading their team in scoring", get it, I got it : )  The Hoyas are in rhythm and will continue the "Hoya redemption dream season".  As a matter of fact the "consistent sense of urgency" and "consistent tough, smart basketball" is what the Hoyas do.  It's so funny when I hear some folks talk about so called "cup cake teams", I guess they don't see it the way we do, but I'm glad early part of the Hoya season was set up by design because it has paid dividends on a consistent basis with the Hoyas.  This is a gonna be a season to remember, you can bank on that.  Hardwork!  The Hoyas know that there is "faith in adversity".  Let's Go!  Hoya Saxa!  Beat the Blue Demons!


I like this song by Creed I found on da Tube!


Had to put this other song by Creed for Hoyanation



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