Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hoyas get in glide mode and ready to roll in Big East game against the Seton Hall Pirates



Hoyanation and friends, another Big East game I'm looking forward to against the Seton Hall Pirates (10-5 1-3 BE)  The mighty Hoyas (12-2 3-1 BE) continue the "redemption dream season" tomorrow in a Big East matchup with the Pirates.  Both teams come into this basketball meeting with two players that can knock down the three pointer when needed, but I think the Hoyas do it more in a "team concept" which leads to " "the takeover" I call it.  Georgetown Hoya Austin Freeman 15.4 pts. and Seton Hall's Jeremy Hazzell at 22.3 pts. are the games leading scorers for their respective teams.  For the Hoyas, that may just be for tomorrow night because you'll never no who will have the hot hand until it happens.  This is what "great team play" is all about "sharing the ball", "the more you give it up, the more you'll get it back", I do believe in this great basketball philosopy. This is is what the Hoyas do so well all the way to the end.  The last play in the UConn game was sooooo amazing.  I bet if you ask those players, "did it seemed like everything was in slow motion?"  They'll probably say yes.  I can honestly say, "it was in slow motion to me."  It was a great Hoya moment Hoyanation and friends.  Most of all, you saw the desire to be unselfish all the way to the very end against a tough, veteran team in the Huskies.  The Hoyas will have the engine revved up and ready to go because WE ARE GEORGETOWNHOYA SAXA! 

Hoyas, You Can Do It, Nothing To It!



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