Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chris Wright and the Hoyas glide to a very important Big East road win against the Pittsburgh Panthers 74-66


Hoyanation and friends, this game is everything I expected it to be.  Exciting and fun!  The "Hoya Redemption Dream Season" continues.  I knew the outcome would favor the Hoyas because I'm alway rooting for my team no matter what anyone says especially Gary Parrish from CBS Sports.  The Hoyas wanted it, they got it.  The earned the right to say, "we are that beast in the Big East"!   You hear so many folks talking about depth, depth, depth.  All I say is play, play, play.  The Hoyas were extremely focused, energetic and definitely played with a sense of urgency.  I don't even think they heard the crowd they were so focused.  I'm very much a team oriented guy, but I have to say when a special player like Chris Wright (27 pts.) literally takes over a game of this caliber in the hottest conference (Big East) in college basketball today, it's "totally phenomenal". 

#22 Hoya Trooper Julian "JuJu" Vaughn "Getting It" in win against PITT 1.20.10

The Hoyas played scrappy, they were all over the place, diving for loose balls, point communicating was especially great.  Freshman Jerrelle Benimon play a tough game off of the bench and had some key rebounds.  I could say the Hoyas sure have each other's back no matter what the cause.  Hoyanation, it's such a beautiful thing watching the Hoyas play, not just because they win, but they play hard and play basketball the way it's supposed to be played as a "unit".  The Hoyas defense was steady with lots of energy and seem to wear the Pantthers down.  There's so much I want to write about, I'm so hyped right now, I have to go out for a walk and burger.  It's cold outside but I'm so hyped I won't feel the cold plus I'll get a cup of  hot coco.

#10 Hoya Trooper Greg Monroe "sky hooking it" as the Hoya trooper freshman Jerrelle Benimon looks on and takes notes 1.20.10

Coach Thompson confidently and movtivationally claps it up for his team in win over Pittsburgh 1.20.10

#22 Julian "JuJu" Vaughn scraps for the loose ball against Pitt Panther 1.20.10

A perfect picture of Big East play Hoyas vs. Pitt 1.20.10

#21 Hoya Trooper Jason Clark steal a pass and streaks down court, but is fouled in the process 1.20.10





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