Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What the last three games told me

 Progressive Legend's Classic

This song is very special I made for the Hoyas and fans this season, it definitely has true meaning 

While I was riding the bus from D.C. to New York for the Legend's Classic games to be played I was thinking about these "tough" games early in the season for the Hoyas that will be used a measuring stick to where he Hoyas are at and what they need to work on.

 This measuring stick turned out for the better the last three games played. The UCLA/Indiana games played big part in the Hoyas measuring themselves. Check this Georgetown put to test early in non-conference slate article from the USA Today.

The UCLA game was as anticipated game you could get this early during the season. With most of the country waiting for the the debut of the highly touted UCLA Bruin freshman Shabazz Muhammad. The Hoyas welcomed it. UCLA was not able to do what they wanted to do that night. Hoyas sophomore forward Greg Whittington had a lot to do with shutting Muhammad down. 

Most picked a Indiana vs.UCLA matchup in the Legend's Classic finals, but I already knew what the matchup would be Hoyas vs. Hoosiers. 

I think I was feeling the same way Coach Thompson III was about this game we played against the Hoosiers. "We came here to win, and we had our chances. We're still growing up. You hope to grow up without losses."

I have enough confidence in my team to know they can beat any team in the land this season. The Hoyas know it's about NOW! The journey! It's on! 

I like the props Indiana Coach Tom Crean gave the Hoyas! "This was going to be an epic battle, and we haven't been in a lot of those in November," Indiana coach Tom Crean said. "We knew we were playing a really, really good team in Georgetown, and we didn't see anything that led us to believe they're not."

The Mount Saint Mary's  game was played two days after Thanksgiving. The first half was neck to neck, but the second half was a different story for the Hoyas as they finally ran away from The Mount. 

Big shout out to Hoyas junior point guard Markel Starks for making the Legend's Classic All Tourney Team

The Hoyas are for real! 

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