Monday, November 12, 2012

Hoyas are leaders in win against A10 foe Duquesne

Great to be a Hoya

It definitely felt good to be back in the Verizon Center aka "phone booth." After the Hoyas first basket I knew I was back the hypeness overcame me. I shouted, "yes let's go."

A few days before this game I envisioned how tough this game could be or how it could be a blowoutgame. Whatever the case the Hoyas stayed focused at the task at hand and without their star player Otto Porter for most of the game. Otto went out of the game with an eye injury and never came back into the game.Teammate Gregory Whittington noted, "I just had to step up even more, knowing that one of my other teammates went down". I hope the young man is recovering from his injury. I was proud to see how the Hoyas responded without Otto on the court. Again, this proved to me of how this whole team is full leaders, not just one, but many. I could clearly see the Hoyas still have each other's back. They have a team bond that's so strong to last forever. When the going got rough the Hoyas got tougher. Here'a an ole skool song from The Tuff Crew! What you know about this? 

My Part of Town - Tuff Crew

It was good to see the Hoyas struggle in the beginning of the game and then figure it out later in the game. This was some good coaching. Trying many different combinatins proved to be successful. The Hoyas so much to work with. Freshman D'Vauntes Rivera-Smith played an outstanding knocking down key baskets (4 3 pointers) and leading the charge for the Hoyas in his second college debut. Oh, he played big time. I always knew the young man could play. I mean, when you come from one of the best high schools ever Oak Hill Academy. Their team overall went 44-0. 

In today's world of basketball with so many great high school teams and players that's a phenomenal record and high school national championship. I mean really! Smith's Oak Hill team was so good their coach Smith named the tri-MVP's UCLA signee Jordan Adams, NC State signee, and Georgetown signee D'Vauntes River-Smith. Watching Smith play was different than watching him play since high school. He's a great person, student and athlete.

I like how the Hoyas shared the ball, but I wanted more attack. I just would like to see the guards stay more in triple threat without the ball, so when they get the ball they're ready and make moves. When you look like a threat on the court it's a great thing and great things happen. Our guards have the quickness to get past their defenders, it's just a matter of calming down and knowing this, then attack. Although some of the floaters did not fall I like the shot selection. At least when you're doing the right thing good things will eventually happy. Keep shooting those floaters Hoyas (smile). Good to see Flash Starks getting settling down and putting the metal to the pedal. 

The Hoyas shot 5-22 and 17 turnovers.. 5 for 22 meant I shot from the outside way to many times and didn't drive to the basket enough..These are some the reasons for the 17 turnovers. Hoyas basketball to me always had that thump. I just thought of something. Sitting here thinking about a made free throw by sophomore Jabril Trawick, his deameanor (shoulder shrug "get off of me") reminded of a "fierce" Hoyas 1984 National Champion Michael Graham. We ain't take no stuff, "right Syracuse?" (LOL)

In the second half it was great seeing the bigs attacking the basketball a lot more. The rebounding was key as Duquesne had so many opportunities to score off of our mistakes. They didn't. The Hoyas were grabbing key rebounds on both ends of the court.

Here are some photo's from the "phone booth" vs. Duquesne, good 61-55 tough win Hoyas.
Warm ups! 

Game over hand shakes

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