Saturday, February 5, 2011

Faith In Adversity gets the Hoyas the win at home against the Providence Friars 83-81



Hey it's the Big East, it's about who's nerves are the calmest.  I think both the Hoyas and Providence nerves were at high levels during the game, and that goes for any games in the #1 conference in the USA!  That's what makes this conference so great, the thrilling and chilling play of the Big East.  People say this and that, but have to remember that conference is at the highest level of chilling thrills as it's ever been. 

Take it from me I know.  No disrespect the Hoyas' of old because I'm definitely one of the the true fans from back then, but I've never, ever seen the Big East like from game to game, and team to team.  Man ole man, it's blazing and on fire.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda, whatever the case may the Hoyas won!   As the Mr. Rich Chovtkin (Voice of the Hoyas) says, "Hoyas win Hoyas win Hoyas win Hoyas win Hoyas win Hoyas win.  The Hoyas dug deep down inside again and pulled this game.  If that's what it takes for the Hoyas to win, so be it because we know what conference we're playing in and on any given night from top to bottom any team can knock you off.

I could tell before the game there was one one player on Providence (14-10  3-8) who really want to beat my Hoyas.  I watched this young man in warm ups from the time I got there and from the time his team went into the locker room before the game started.  I was like man, this kid means business, and he did.  His name is Marshon Brooks and he scored 43 points against my Hoyas (18-5  7-4), yes 43, the fifth highest total ever in a Big East game.  I gotta give that young man some credit he played his bleep off I mean literally.  “He’s a special player who had a special day,” Georgetown coach John Thompson III. “It’s as simple as that. We put a lot of different people on him. He scores in every way possible.”  My Hoyas played as a team and prevailed. 

As the two teams were going toe to toe during the game, the Hoyas were battled tested, but were battle ready.  Although the Hoyas were up by a good margin Providence managed to hang around.  Friars senior Marshon Brooks keep his team in the game making shot after shot in dramatic fashion, but Hoyas always had an answer.  The Hoyas had spread their love around while it was all Providence's Marshon Brooks and Duke Mondy.  The pair accounted for all but 19 of Providence’s points and combined to go 22 of 39 from the field, while the rest of the team was 7 for 32.

Georgetown went 0 for 11 from 3-point range in the second half and also missed seven free throws in the final nine minutes.  Austin Freeman scored 23 points, Jason Clark had 18, Wright added 16 and Julian Vaughn put in 14 points and grabbed a career-high 11 rebounds for the Hoyas.  Julian's monster dunk late in the second half was really crucial!  It was a you'd better watch your head dunk.

Some fans sitting by me during the game kept saying great things about Marshon Brooks and how many points he was scoring and scored, but I kept saying, "one player cannot not be our team."  I guesss I was on the same page as Coach Thompson III, LOL!   More seriously, Thompson said of Brooks: “He’s getting his, now let’s see if we can take everyone else away. If you can take everyone else away when one player’s having a special day, there’s not too many people that can beat you by themselves. He was close.”

Here's some of my cell phone photo's from the Hoyas/Providence game 2/5/11...

Hoyas warming up about an hour before the game 2/5/11

I was like we have to watch this guy right here Providence's #2 Marshon Brooks, lol, and there's Duke Mondy too

I tried to get a good pic of the Voice of the Hoyas (Mr. Rich Chvotkin and son) over at the table before the game 2/5/11

HOYAS warming up!  2/5/11

After the Hoya intro Hoya Unity


Let the game begin!

New Hoya Kicks!  Man ole man!


Senior Austin Freeman throwing it down 2/5/11

Austin Freeman for the 3 ball SWISHHHH
(23 pts.)

Senior Chris "Lumpy" Wright for the 3 ball SWISHHH

Sophomore Jerrelle Benimon out jumping his opponent 2/5/11

Chris Wright shoots and makes the basket with the shot clock ticking down 2/5/11

Glidehoyas in the back cheering the Hoyas onto Vicotory!

Glide clapping it up for Jason Clark on defense

Glide point communicating from the stands, "over there, over there" lol

Glide with encouraging words, "take care of the ball"

Glide standing hoping something good will happen

Timeout with great encouragement of Coach John Thompson III look at the lady to the left, she is one Georgetown's biggest she says, "I love you Hoyas, I love you Hoyas!  wow  
Me, I'm just chilling and clapping during the timeout, lol


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