Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hoyas are cooled off and lose to the Huskies on the road 78-70


I'm sure we all knew what type of game this would be before the two teams played.  A tough, gritty, typical Big East game.  As one announcer put it, "it's not a Big East game if bodies are flying around and on the floor,".  He was right.  This is what makes the Big East conference so good, the rough and tough play.  That's what is was tonight as the Hoyas (20-6  9-5) lose to the Huskies (20-5  8-5).  UConn's Kemba Walker had the energy and the hot hand for the Huskies tonight.  Walker had a double-double night scoring 31 points and dishing out a game high 10 assists, and was relentless getting inside the paint and scoring at will.

UConn made runs as expected.  The Hoyas stay poised and made a furious comeback with great team play, but came up short.  I think the Huskies threw everything at Georgetown, but they never gave up.  The Hoyas shot  (8-21 38.1% from 3 point rage) and shot (28-65 @43.1% field goal percentage).  Chris Wright had 19 points and Austin Freeman ended up with 12 points.  The Hoyas played man-to-man most of the game and mid way in the 2nd half went to a zone, but UConn's Jamal Coombs-McDaniels 23 points, had the other hot hand answering the Hoyas' call making two big three pointers at critical times from three point range for the Huskies.  As the Hoyas take this loss, it'll give them chance to get the pressure off of them and refocus on the "Hoya Dream Season" for the rest of the season going into the Big East Tournament.  If I had to take a loss I'm rather take it early than later.  Eight wins and one loss is a great accomplishment in the number one conference in the land.  I'm sure the Hoyas won't hold their heads down, and I know they realize this.  The will bounce back and finish strong.  They are the mighty Hoyas.  We are they're fans.  Remember, when they fall down we're there to catch them and lift them back up.  I love my Hoyas, I know they will get it done.  Everything is for a reason for the Hoyas.  It's the rest of the season!

Keep Your Head To The Sky Hoyas!
Earth Wind & Fire




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