Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Hoyas Blue and Gray send the Marquette Golden Eagles soaring away in "One Game At Time" win 69-60

Senior Hoya Chris Wright's 20 points helped lead his team to victory

Yes, it was like "Fireworks," Hoyanation and friends!  

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Hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win hoyas win (In my Rich Chvotkin voice), lol.  First off, on my way to the Verizon Center I rode the yelllow line (Huntington) from Alexandria.  As I sat down, I looked over to my left and saw a couple sitting and wearing Marquette gear.  I didn't know at first, and I was like man, why did I set myself up like this, lol.  I look back to my normal gameface with my earphones in my ear, and the guy said, "are you going to the Georgetown game?"  I started to say, naw, I'm just out here walking around wearing Hoya gear for the heck of it.  

No I didn't, I'm just playing Hoyanation and friends, I didn't even think that at the time.  I said yes it's going to be a great for the simple fact it's the Big East, and he agreed.  Our conversation was very respectful and we talked good about both teams and the coaches.  I really enjoyed the conversation. 

I told them about my blog, but I didn't think they were listening, but they were.  It got quiet and I didn't realize they were looking at my blog from their telephone, and before we got off the train the couple said, "we like your blog, it's awesome."  I was to through, all I could do is say thank you.  I told them I dedicate my blog to my late son Chavis, who died of osteosaracoma (bone cancer) 4 years ago. 

I also told them that the blog is also dedicated to the Georgetown Hoyas and Hoyanation and friends.  I wish I could have taken a picture of this couple.  They were like the perfect couple and wish them nothing but the best.

The Hoyas are on a natural high.  They know what time of the year it is, and they are well informed by Coach Thompson III and staff.  While everyone is talking about the "streak" the Hoyas are thinking "one game at a time."  They have to.  Wouldn't you if you were a coach or player.  Word has it, you can't get caught up in the hype.  Why?  Because it'll through you right off of the of the tracks, and it's still a ways to go.  The Hoyas have to stay focused "ONE GAME AT A TIME" because they are clearly on a mission, and that mission is the in the "Hoya Dream Season."  

Georgetown is playing at a high level.  The Hoyas knew that Marquette knows they are the hottest college basketball team in the country at the present, and they wanted to catch them off guard and sneak a win in.  They didn't!  I could tell I was three rows from up from the Marquette bench.  I could tell by the look on Marquette's Coach Buzz Williams's face he badly wanted and needed this game.

The Marquette Golden Eagles (15-10  6-6) look like the hungrier team early on getting rebounds and playing scrappy basketball, but the Hoyas hung around.  Williams ran the first half like a hockey coach, shuffling multiple players in and out of the game at virtually every break in play.  Rarely was there a moment in which a Marquette player or two or three or four wasn’t sitting by the scorer’s table waiting for the next whistle.  Williams himself was almost like a sixth man, constantly straying so far from the coach’s box during play that Georgetown’s fans jeered him with the chant: “Off the court!”

The Hoyas (20-5  9-4) came a little flat shooting a lot of 3 pointers, but they manage to hang around to keep the score close in the first half.  They had an off night against the tough Marquette man-to-man defense and were only 7-27 from 3 point range.  But the Hoyas made 16 of 18 free throws and held the Golden Eagles to 40 percent from the field.  Chris Wright scored 20 points, Austin Freeman added 17 despite limping badly off the court in the first half.  The Hoyas played very unselfish dishing out 14 assists to the Golden Eagles 5 assists.

He was hurt during a scramble for the ball with 1:31 remaining in the first half and could barely put any weight on his right foot as he limped to the locker room.  Austin managed to come back strong early in the 2nd half taking over the point guard duties and showing great senior leadership.  He is proving and will be the "'Big East Play of the Year!"

With our big man senior Julian "JuJu" Vaughn, in foul trouble, I would like to give Henry "Big Hank" Sims a shout out for his determination and skill in knowing he would have to step his game up in relief for his teammate Julian Vaughn.  He did just that.  Sim played 16 minutes and was 3-4 in field goals ended up with 7 big points with each point scored at a time that was dearly needed.  4 of those points were scored on vicious dunks.

Hoya junior Henry "Big Hank" Sim in dunking mode 2/13/11

Hoya Henry battling for ball against Marquette's Crowder 2/13/11

Freshman Nate Lubick in two handed monsta dunk mode 2/13/11

Senior Hoya Julian "JuJu" Vaughn making his move in the paint against Marquette defender 2/13/11

Julian Vaughn goes up for two in traffic 2/13/11

Hoya junior Jason "Smoov" Clark looking to make his move against Golden Eagle defender 2/13/11

Hoya Jason Clark going up for two 2/13/11

Jason Clark on the defense 2/13/11

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  1. Keep it up, Kent! Your ravenous positivity is exactly what the Hoyas and their fans need!