Friday, February 18, 2011

Hoyas look to get warm in South Florida against the Bulls in Big East matchup



Hoyanation and friends, the Hoyas (20-6  9-5) are coming off a tough loss against UConn and are looking ahead to warm up by regrouping and refocusing on the task at hand.  The task at hand is the South Florida Bulldogs (8-9  2-12).  Georgetown has been playing marvelous basketball as of late, but fell short of a road victory against the Huskies.  I know the seniors really wanted this game because it was their last time playing in Storrs, so I understand how they feel.  One thing about it about it they can still hold their heads high in knowing this is far from the end.  They have other goals to accomplish and one of them is to win the Big East Tournament and the National Championship, but first things first, and that is South Florida. 

I know it's not good to look to far ahead of what the Hoyas have in front of them, but I was just stating a fact.  As you know, I am a "one game at a time" person.  As great as Kemba Walker was playing the Hoyas kept an unbelievable poise.  I heard the announcer saying, "the Hoyas seem to be rattled now," but I said to myself, "don't speak to soon, because when you think they're rattled they're not." 

The Hoyas will come back at you in a flash.  The did!  I think this is due to their senior leadership and their sheer determination and will to play and will to want it.  The will to play defense, communicate/point communicate all the way through, and believe in themselves was and will be the key in future. “Our defense has been better. I think it’s as simple as, the guys understand now that it is personal, said, Coach Thompson.”

The Bulldogs recent road loss was to  South Florida, but they were within one point of No. 4 Pittsburgh, 45-44, with just over nine minutes to go but wound up losing 67-55.  I'm sure the Hoyas are mindful of the fact that South Florida is capable and due for an upset at home.  The Bulls are winless in nine games against ranked teams this season.  South Florida returns home on Saturday and are desperately seeking a home win they haven't had since January 27, by beating DePaul 71-60.  Although the Bulldogs haven't been playing well this year, they still are in the best conference in college basketball.  As Coach John Thompson, III has been saying all season, "in this conference any team from top to bottom can knock you off on any given night."  This is due the coaching and caliber of players in the Big East conference which makes it the number one conference in the USA!

Sure the Hoyas could've played smarter by making better decisions, near games end, but that's something they can quickly learn from for the next game and beyond.  Here's the play-by-play of the last 2:38 minutes left in the game.

The Hoyas do a great job with their backs against wall and this will be not different from before.  As long as they have learned from their mistakes, stay focused, play smart, and play hard the Hoyas should prevail.  The Georgetown Hoyas are a great team with a lots of tradition.  Let's go and beat the South Florida Bulls!  Hoya Saxa!

I had to put this song by Johnnie Taylor on here called Let's Get Back on Track.  It's about him and his lady getting back on track in their relationship, but I'ma change it up a lil bit and make the song meaningful to our Hoyas, so Hoya and Hoyanation, let's get back on track.  LOL! 

Let's Get Back On Track Hoyas!
Johnnie Taylor





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