Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hoyas' look to extend 5 game winning streak to six at home in Big East matchup with Providence




Since our last home game win against Louisville it's been a good five day rest for the Hoyas (17-5  6-4).  The Providence Friars (14-9  3-7)  roll into town for a Big East matchup the Georgetown Hoyas.  Although it will be a tough task for the Friars the are looking to cool off the red hot Hoyas, who have been playing great team basketball.  The Friars have knocked off  two ranked Big East teams at home as of late #19 Louisville and #8 Villanova.  In a Big East road game, Seton Hall put a stop to the Friars two game winning streak on January 30, 20011.  Providence's recent win was at home against the South Florida Bulls. Providence is looking to knock 

The Hoyas are on a five game winning streak and want to keep that streak going to six games against the Friars.  Coach Thompson III said it best after Louisville win, “We have a poised group.  ” We went through a difficult stretch where we were not making shots. We were getting good shots. They were not going in. We’re past that.”  

"The guys are beginning to take ownership," Thompson III said. "You have to guard you're man and you teammates are going to help you. They're going to be there to have your back, but at some point, it's not about let's do this, let's do that, let's go over, let's go under.  It's 'I gotta stop him,' and I think the guys are doing a better job of approaching it with that mentality and the support behind whoever has the ball has been better." 

After going scoreless in a road win over Villanova Georgetown senior Chris Wright had a season-high 24 points Monday night against the Louisville Cardinals.  “I have to see how the game is going to determine my role,” said Wright, who attempted only three shots but had six assists in the 69-66 win over then-No. 8 Villanova on Saturday.  “In the last game, Austin was hitting shots all over the place, early and often, so why force something?  Why force the issue? I’ve got to be the playmaker.   Whatever that entails is what I’ve got to do.”

The Hoyas will have their work cut out for them in defending senior guard/forward Marshon Brooks.   Brooks scored 24 points, including 16 in the second half, and added seven rebounds to lead Providence over South Florida 68-63 on Wednesday night.  With the score tied and just under 3 minutes left in the game, Brooks took over for the Friars, scoring five consecutive points.     

Through Feb. 2, Brooks led the Big East in scoring in conference games. He was seventh in the nation in overall scoring. He has been remarkably consistent even more consistent than Connecticut’s Kemba Walker.

Syracuse's Coach Jim Boheim had this to say about Providence's Marshon Brooks:

“Last year, I thought he was really good, but they had so many offensive weapons,” Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim told the Providence Journal. “He still was good, but he wasn’t the focal point among some really good offensive players. This year, he’s the focal point. He’s a tremendous player because he can do so much off the dribble. He can get to the basket, he can get to the free-throw line. He’s having a terrific year.”

It will take a team effort on behalf of our mighty Hoyas to continue their "Hoya Dream Season" in playing great defense.  Communication/point communicatin will play a big factor as in stopping the Friars in their tracks.  The Hoyas have been focused, determined and are playing as a team with a "sense of urgency."  I could say Hoyanation and friends our Hoyas are "Superbad!"



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