Monday, July 12, 2010

Kenner League Week 1/2


Hoyanation and friends, the James "Jabbo" Kenner Memorial Summer League at Georgetown University's famous McDonough Gymnasium is in session.  Kenner 101.   Week 1 started off with a blast.  I'm basically focusing on my Hoya troops on how they look and played, not really focusing on wins and losses, just development.  I'll start out with the Tombs, a team mostly comprised of Georgetown freshman.  Austin Freeman and Hollis Thompson are also on this team.  I think Austin is on this team for more of a leadership role for the young freshman and one sophomore.  Freshmen Aaron Bowen and Nate Lubick weren't present for the first game.

Freshman Nate Lubick was available for his first game in week 2.  Austin Freemnan looked much quicker and explosive in both weeks.  He was totally aggressive, logged many minutes. 

Hollis Thompson, much stronger, I can tell he's been lifting plenty of weights.  Although he did not score many points his first game, he did other little things that made up for his play such as rebound pass well, play good defense and communicate.  Hollis' second game he exploded knocking down the three ball back to back on some occasions.  He definitely had the confidence and hot hand in week two.

Freshman Marquel Starks looked great in week one running the point guard spot with skill and confidence and good decision making.  Week two was more of a challenge, but Marquel made it through was poise, patience, composure and confidence.  He ran point guard spot superbly.  Logged many minutes against a veteran laden squad. 

Freshmen Moses Abraham didn't score much both games, but that will come later, he very strong and keeps his hand and arms up.  He got in foul trouble, but he did more good things than bad.  His intensity and rebounding and on both ends of the floor are never ending.  His defense is aggressive, he definitely a go getter.  He's always around the ball and make does the little things that add up to the big picture.  He is a work in progress for sure.  He's gonna make a difference.

Henry "Big Hank" Sims, has definitely got bigger and stronger.  He's realized what's in front of him now, and the way it looks to me he's going to go get it.  I see some folks on talking negative of Henry, but he's play some good ball in the Kenner so far this year.  I know everybody's a critic and have their own thing about certain players, but I see differently and know the game and especially my Hoyas.  The Kenner League is and have always been a guard league, so for Henry to achieve what he has so far this summer running up and down the hardwood is an accomplishment for Big Hank, and it will pay great dividends for the Hoyas this season.  I see the development process for Henry expanding.  Hard work pays off.

I'm going to put Jason Clark and Vee Sanford together because both have had stellar performances in Kenner action.  Both are running the point with reckless abandon for their teams.  They are both on different teams, but both are awesome. Speed, quickness, electrifying, hang time and defense, both are leading their respective teams in scoring.

Chris "Lumpy" Wright, all I can say he's ready, he's quicker, smarter, skilled and always Ford tough as I always say.  The young man never gives up, he just keeps coming at you no matter how far he's down.  Attending the Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Lebron James Skills camps has and will pay big dividends for the might Hoyas this season. 

Julian "Ju Ju" Vaughn has played well and is getting used to being the big man go to guy and I see the development in the two games he has played especially the second where he was going up against a more seasoned big man 6'11 Travis Hyman of Bowie State.  It was rough for Julian in the first half, but Julian dug down deep inside and found a will to overcome the odds and win the game.  Wow, what a game, and what a gutsy performance but Ju Ju.  I think the Hoyas know players are made in the off season because the mott is "It's Always Basketball Season" on the Hilltop. 

Jerrelle Benimon's first game was not all that good, but Jerrelle came through in the second half of his second game in week two grabbing many rebounds on both ends of the floor scoring here and there.  He's more effective under the basket doing what he does best box out and grab rebounds.

And of course the one and only former Hoya great and Oklahoma City Thunder Jeff Green with a stellar performance played with the Tombs.  Big ups to ya Jeff!  One thing I love about the Kenner League, it always a family affair.



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