Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kenner League 7/15 7/16


Hoyanation and friends I got to the gym early on Thursday, and I happen to be the first one to enter the famed McDonough Gymnasim, the house that John Thompson II built.  I came to watch Chris "Lumpy" Wright and Jason "Graceful" Clark play.  Chris was warming up shooting jumpers with former Hoya Mark Tillmon feeding him the ball for about 15 minutes before gametime.  Afterward the game got underway with Chris and Jason checking each other on defense. 

Both had great games and played hard at one another.  Henry Sims had a solid defensive game also, his offense is coming along, but we have to remember the Kenner League is pretty much a run up and down the court type of game, so Henry had to run a lot.  Henry does lots of little things that add up to the big picture.  He was matched up against Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen, and did a pretty good job on him also.  Henry's mom and sisters and family came down from Baltimore to see him play as well

I was just glad to see my three Hoyas' in action Thursday.  It was good to see Chris' dad and mom as always.  Orlando is like a big brother to me and has been for some time with my late son Chavis playing on his 13 and under Rising Stars team.  Chris' older brother Orlando Jr. was also a teammate, while Chris 8 years old played on this team too.  A sight to see.  I'm glad I still have it on tape, because these are great memories for me. 

Friday night was really special for Jason.  His mom came down from Fredericksburg to see her son in action, and he sure didn't let her down.  Jason performance on the Gtown hardwood was spectacular.  You could really see his development, strength, speed and cat like quickness, knowledge, decision making and passing taking place right before our eyes. 

I think the play of the night for me is when Jason chased an open defender on a fast all the way down the floor and block his layup.  I was like wow, this is when I really saw the length in Jason and especially his fingers because I don't no one else could of ran that fast and jump that high that quick to block that layup.  I have to put an LOL on this one.  After the game I told him that was the play of the whole Kenner League this season, that hustle block.  I think the Hoya fans have something special to look forward to this upcoming Hoya season.  Jerelle Benimon had a solid performance grabbing lots of rebounds and passing the ball.



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