Monday, July 26, 2010

Kenner League 7/23 7/24 7/25


I heard this song this morning on the radio station, and I was thinking about my Hoyas and really feeling this song. I felt I had some kind of magic in me for my Hoyas. It's a good feeling to me, I can't describe.


After seeing most of our Hoyas in action this past weekend at the Kenner League, I always reminisce afterwards.  Hoyanation and friends, Friday night's games were very exciting.  Although Jason Clark's Team Takeover lost to Coach Roderick "Screamy McScreamerson's" Turner's Team Turner the game was very exciting and fast past.  Coach Turner really complimented Jason Clark's play this summer especially in that particular game against his team on Friday.  I called Jason's mom and Coach Turner was with me and he told her Jason's spectacular play and said, "Jason killed my team, he went past three of my players like it wasn't nothing, I called a timeout and asked my team, "all ya'll just gonna let Jason go by you like that?"   Jason was like a blur.  Lasan Kromah, a rising sophomore from George Washington and All-Met from Theodore Roosevelt, Greenbelt, Maryland also had a great outing each time he steps on the floor for Team Takeover.  Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen was a no show on Friday.

The second game on Friday was exciting also between Hoop Magic and Kenner League's 2009 Runner-Up Beyond Belief.  Hoop Magic featuring UMD National Champ Byron "Madman" Mouton and Maryland freshman Peshon Howard and George Washington's high flying rising sophomore Tim Johnson.  The highligt of the game and second great play of the summer was an alley oop pass from the freshman PeShon Howard and high rising one handed dunk to GW's Tim Johnson.  The crowd was electrified because it was a high flying electrifying thunderous dunk  Isaiah Swann also had a highlight moment with a two handed thunderous dunk off of the left baseline. 

Beyond Belief's Isaiah "Smooth" Swann, (Magruder High School State Champs, Florida State U, Hapoel Gilboa/Galil Elyon, Israel) led the charge and victory against Hoop Magic. In Israel Swann is a high-flying, explosive and quick player with the ability to go past or over the defense to create or finish at the rim. This coupled with long range shooting skill makes him a very difficult match-up for opponents. Started pro career in 2008-09 with Imola and moved to Galil in Israel helping them to final 4 in 2008-09 and won the Israeli league Title over Maccabi in 2009-10.  Beyond Belief stellar defense was led by none other than Petey.  I think folks know how Petey is.  He heart really sticks out on the floor.  He's definitely on the Kenner All-Defense Team right there at the top.

Isiah Swann
Flordia State U

Chris Wright and Henry Sim's DC Legends didn't far out too much on Saturday.  Personally, I think this team should have more players and better players.  Chris and Henry all left to do most of the work, but they are getting better and continue to work hard on their games.  Clyde's Julian Vaughn and Vee Sanford played hard and played well.  Most of the game was fast paced.  I enjoyed watching my Hoyas in action as always.  Jerelle Benimon's DCX team was off rhythm, but Jerelle continued to play hard and get better.  I think all the Hoyas know what time is and continue to work hard this summer and get ready for the upcoming season.

I was very proud of the Tombs.  With Austin Freeman being away Hoya freshman Markel Starks stepped up and showed his leadership distributing the ball and playing smart basketball.  Starks gathering his team into huddles, communicating, and point communicating was a sign he is and will be a true leader for the Hoyas in the years to come. 

One play that really stood out to me is when he properly gave Big Moses the ball on the block and communicated to Big Mo and said, "go to work Mo, go to work" and Mo went to work and scored the bucket.  This indeed showed leadership on behalf of Markel and gave Big Mo confidence in knowing that his teammates have confidence in him.  Great job Markel. 

Rising sophomore Hollis Thomspson's play was stellar hitting three pointers all around the perimeter and even hitting NBA range 3's and he stepped up his defensive play.  I can tell one thing I think Hollis has lots of potential and he's only a sophomore.  That's a scary thought for Hoya foes.   Freshmen Nate "Hard Chin" Lubick and Moses Abraham and Aaron Bowen played well.  Not really scoring all that much, but doing the necessary little things that add up to the big picture, playing defense, passing, blocking shots, altering shots.  Aaron Bowen's is definitely an offensive threat and will be a major one.  He showed flashes of offensive brillance and confidence.
Hard Work Hoyas!

Hoya rising sophomore Hollis Thompson's first dunk in Kenner action 2009

Oh, there's just one thing I wanted to say to the George Washington University player that didn't want to shake Austin Freeman's hand after a game last weekend.  Check it out!




  1. Moses Abraham, should surely take the hoya to the promise land. Hes' got alot of potentials. The tops is for him to reach. Let him just acclimatize for a while i bet!