Friday, July 30, 2010

Kenner League 7/29


Yesterday, late afternoon I was out, and I happen to look outside.  It started getting darker and darker looking like it was going to rain, so I said I better leave quickly and get home before it starts raining.  I know it's only rain, but you know when you have have those smooth kicks you don't want them to get wet.  Well, I made it home without gettting wet, but as soon as I got home I look out of the window and it started pouring down, and I started laughing, and I was saying to myself, "I beat you this time". 

On my way to Georgetown around 7 p.m. the sky look sort of cloudy and as I park my car on 37th and Prospect.  Once I got out of the car and started walking the rain started pouring down, but of course I sought shelter along with someone else, so I duck the rain twice in one day, so I thought I started a good Kenner day off pretty well.  Of course after 5 p.m. you don't have to put any money in the meters on 37th and Prospect.  I enjoy parking there instead of paying $4.00 to park inside the garage.  It's only a short walk to McDonough Gymnasium.  I hope I didn't let the secret out and hope I can get a parking space tonight there, lol.

Once it stopped raining I continued my short journey to McDonough and once I got both Clyde's and DCX were warming.  Clyde's featuring Hoyas' Julian "Ju Ju" Vaughn and Vee Sanford only had 6 players.  DCX had 5 players when the game started, but eventually had including Hoya Jerrelle Benimon.  I don't want to go into specific detail about the game, but Clyde's got the best of DCX with Vee Sanford shutting down DCX's best shooter and player Tristan Spurlock formerly of the University of Virginia now at Central Florida U.  I think the only I had a problem in that game was the ball not being distributed into the post to Julian Vaughn at will.  The game was too close and it didn't have to be.

I couldn't help it, but I had to tell his Clyde teammates to give him the ball and through the ball to his hand/fingertips or towards the rim so Julian could either drop the ball in or go get it and dunk the ball.  It makes it easier for Julian to score when you give him the ball like on the instances.  Also, a bounce pass would be sufficient.  His teammates just have to know how, when and where to get him the ball.  This takes skill and unselfishness.  Vee Sanford started giving the ball to Julian will and he was either making the basket or getting fouled and going to the free throw line which is what you want.  I think when Vee was giving Julian the ball in the post his man was too close to Julian which forced him to have to pass the ball back out which is okay, but when Vee man's is too close to Julian he should just bring draw his man out a little bit and quickly give Julian the bounce pass and let the big fella go work.  As long as Clyde's plays inside out they won't have a problem scoring and they win.  Good job fellas!

Hoyanation and friends, I knew the second game was gonna be a good game.  Tombs vs. Bowie Bulldogs.  The Tombs featuring Austin Freeman, Moses Abraham, Nate Lubick, Hollis Thompson, Aaron Bowen, and elite true point guard Markel Starks.  Folks say it's only D2 Bowie, but I think they were forgetting this is the Kenner League, and these players and teams go hard.  There are no names on these jersey's.  The only name's on these jersey's are Pro City! 

The first half was fast paced as Bowie kept up with the Tombs.  With the Tombs not getting back on transition defense Bowie's transitional offense was to be reckoned with.  I think it surprised lots of folks how Bowie was playing, but like I said, it's the Kenner Summer League, either go hard or go home is how Kenner is played.  Bowie's 6-11 rising junior big man Travis Hyman lead the charge.  The game was tied at the half.  Once the second half started the Tombs learned they had to get back on defense after they scored they were all right. 

Austin Freeman, Markel Starks, and Hollis Thompson led the charge with the big men Nate Lubick and Moses Abraham got it done on the glass.  Aaron Bowen came off of the bench and provided a spark for the Tombs on both ends of the floor.  Nate Lubick's play on both ends of the floor was outstanding blocking shots, two handed dunked in traffic, dribbling and passing was on point. Although Moses Abraham fouled out, he did a great job on Travis Hyman in the second half, but once he went out the Bowie guards did not recognize to get Travis the ball inside. Bowie settle for shooting jumpers, and we all know when you're shooting all those jumpers fatigue has settled in and it gave the Tombs lots of chances to score in transition.  The outcome of the game was Tombs 73 Bowie 55.  Great game Tombs and I give props to Bowie State U for bringing out the best in the Tombs!  Geez, didn't mean to write so much, my bad, lol!  Let's Goooooo!!!

Glidehoyas story

I heard this song on DC 101 last night on my way home from the Kenner League, I was feeling it.



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