Friday, December 20, 2013

My thoughts vs. Kansas

Jabril Trawicks's UNFINISHED BUSINESS! PT. 1



My thoughts on some things the Hoyas have to do to beat Kansas. My first thought is to play inside/out basketball. I need for the guards to immediately look in the post and get our bigs the ball early. A guard's first look should be in the post and to get it in there. When he/she does this it becomes "CONTAGIOUS" amongst team member. Throw the ball to the rim or hand once the big has sealed his defender. You can also use a very seldom seen "BOUNCE PASS." Hoyas guards can make their bigs better by giving them the ball and yelling out to them "GO TO WORK BIG FELLA!"  It's very "CRITICAL" for our guards to be able to feed the post properly. This is something I've always done playing and coached.

The ball will come right up where the big/bigs can make their move. I haven't seen many bounce passes on a consistent into the post this season, but would like for the Hoyas guards to do this more  consistently especially playing against zone defenses. It easy, just use your peripheral vision and get the ball there or attack. 

My thing is to be tough, and play with some heart. Test yourself, get in the paint.. "Where there is a will, there is a way, great players find a way." This will help get some early fouls on their bigs especially with the recent play of freshman Jayhawk center Joel Embid. Here's an article on Embid written by Jason King.

Great players find a way, no excuses. Michael Jordan was one of those type of basketball players. He ALWAYS found a way.

I cannot stress enough of the importantce of  "COMMUNICATION & POINT COMMUNICATION on DEFENSE." This is key. With Phog Allen Fieldhouse being one of the loudest and intimdating college sports venues lots of point communication will be need. Make no doubt about the Hoyas will be in a very hostile enviornment in Kanas but maintaining their composure especially during those stretches where Kansas maybe making run. I'm pretty sure the Hoyas will go through some adversity the game, but I think they'll be able to overcome the odds in Lawrence, Kansas. Kansas has won 67 non-conference games straight in Phog Allen Fieldhouse, so let's break this streak Hoyas! 


"Everybody's excited because we're getting back on a roll." Wayne Selden on the locker room after the win

"It should be a big time college basketball game…" - on the Georgetown game

"Andrew's had a great week…he's been really good in practice…getting better everyday." - on Wiggins

"We've always gotten better over Christmas…" -

"I'm excited to get back home, we need it. Our players need to feel the home crowd and get themselves juiced." -

"If you watch him everyday, nothing surprises you. The kid can do anything." - on Joel Embiid

"He dunked one yesterday and never jumped…" - on JoJo

"It's been awhile, we're excited to be back home…" Andrew Wiggins on returning to Allen Fieldhouse

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