Sunday, December 1, 2013

My post game thoughts on Hoyas 70-49 win over Lipscomb

We Stand Together

The early part of the first half for me was all Hoyas until the barrage of 3's started taken place especially with the big man Joshua Smith on the bench with 2 fouls. Lispcomb took advantage of the Hoyas missed 3's 6-foot-10 Joshua Smth played only 17 minutes due to foul trouble after receiving three fouls. He only played 7 minutes in the first half, and picked up his fourth on a double technical call inside the opening minute of the second half. Most of those fouls were frustations fouls.

Your big man gets frustrated when he does not get the ball. Next comes the frustration fouls. Why? He's not getting looks or touches consistently especially when he's open. Smith knows how to get open. doubt about it.

Most big men don't really complain about it because for the simple fact they are team players, BUT sometimes that big man has to go to those guards and say, "gimme the ball!" Just as simple as that. This is what I saw, I remember watching the Puerto Rico Tip-Off, listening to college basketball analyst Alphonso Ellis saying how open Joshua Smith all the time.

I always see this. I think just knowing and turning your head something especially when Smith is coming off of screens he's wide open. I'd just throw it to the basket and let him go and get it and guess what? A DUNK OR AN AND 1 will happen most of the time. Smith was 2-2 from the line. Just think you get him the ball more the other is in early foul trouble and he's on the line. Go figure. Object of this game is for the guards to recognize hey, I have a big I'm attacking and giving or shooting the floater. I'm playing inside out basketball. I'm playing Georgetown basketball.

My thoughts on this. My thing every game and for the remainder of the season is to find ways to get the big man the ball at all costs. There is no defense that can hinder me from getting my big man/men the ball. . I know as ball handler my first look is in the paint. I have the best big man in the game on my team I'm looking for him 110%. You can literally get opponents to 7 fouls early in both halfs and win games from the line.Take advantage of Mr. Smith's luxuries for real ever practice and game.

 Give the big man the ball consistently he's right here.

Without their low-post presence, Georgetown settled for 3-pointers. The Hoyas made their first two 3-point attempts, but then missed 14 straight. They settled down in the second half and shot 56.5 percent from the field. So far this season the bench has been playing well (19 rebounds). Junior Forward Mikael Hopkins (13) and junior Aaron Bowen (7 pts.) combined for 20 points.  Despite it all the Hoyas 22 assists says a lot. Unselfish team play. Bisons only 6 assists.

Jabril's Dunk

I had fun too! Hoya Saxa!

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