Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My thoughts on Georgetown's first New Big East conference win vs. Depaul


The New Big East started off with a bang last night with the Georgetown Hoyas winning their first conference game against a tough Depaul Blue Demons squad 61-54 on New Year's Eve! Senior point guard leader Markel Starks led the charge scoring 21 pts.He saw when his jumper wasn't falling from three point range (1-4) he decided to attack the basket and picked up fouls along the way.

Starks picked up steam when he knew he had to. He knew the only way at the time when the Hoyas were struggling to attack and take matters into in his own hands and this became contagious amongst his teammates especially the big man Moses Ayegba swatting away three of Depaul's shots in Mutombo fashion. No finger wave, but the finger wave did come from me, and I yelled out, "Moses Mutombo, no no no!" Haha. I was indeed having much fun, but I didn't think Depaul's fans liked it, so I had to rub it in a little bit. 

He went 8-8 from the free throw line, and 6-12 in field goals. Smart thinking and tough thoughts and moves. Junior Jabril Trawick, did a great attacking the basket as well, he went 2-4 from the free throw line, 3-4 in field goals, 4 rebounds, 1 steal, and 2 assists. Great defensive as well for Trawick!

The Hoyas came out going inside to their post players, but soon afterwards an early lull set in, but still managed to shoot 42% for the first half and 45% for the second half which I thought was pretty good. I also thought this stat could've been a lot better if the Hoyas would've keep going inside, and attacking at will less turnovers will happen and the Hoyas could get that "in the paint/field goal percentage" up to 50%+ on a consistent basis.

When this didn't happen the turnovers (19) came (18) for Depaul. First half turnovers Hoyas (8), Blue Demons (9). I like to see the Hoyas pushing the ball in transition, but I'd also like to see the wings get out and sprint down the floor a lot more. This makes it a lot easier for the guards to look up and see those wings in front of them to make the pass to them to create showtime! 

The Hoyas were outrebounded 39-33 by Depaul, but sophomore guard D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera  managed to lead his team in rebounding for this game (8 rebs.) last night. How this happens is beyond me. I guess DSR has some kind of ball radar on him or something. 


The Hoyas have been using the shot clock to their advantage noticing the time left on the shot clock or the game clock. Senior Aaron Bowen's toughness, smart and acrobatic heroic plays continue to pay dividends when he steps on the court as well. For some reason, I knew AB's shot was going in to end the half on a high note. One word, "WOW!"  On this video look over to the left and you'll see my arms quickly raise up in victory. Thanks Aaron and Happy New Year's to you too! 

Georgetown's Post Game Quote's

Up next, St. John's at home ...

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