Friday, January 3, 2014

Being ready, staying ready at all times

Doing anything and playing sports you have to be ready at ALL times, especially in boxing. I remember watching the  Floyd Mayweather's vs. Victor Ortiz fight, well, needless to say the young fella learned a good lesson that particular night in the ring and it was to defend yourself at all times! You can hear the announcer saying, "defend yourself at a times, it was legal!" 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that in basketball you have to always be ready to defend yourself . When your opponent has the ball to never turn your back on him/her. When the referee gives your opponent the ball be ready, and never turn your back. 

Now, do some referees quickly give the ball to the inbounder in some circumstances? Maybe, but whatever the case I wouldn't trust any referee in this instance because I  would always be ready, watching and waiting. This was something I saw in the FGCU tourney game, and it sort of came back to haunt me when I saw this happen against the Hoyas in their win over Depaul, but it's a good thing this wasn't done at a crucial moment in a game. If so, we wouldn't hear the end of it. . 

This is a play that can win a game, and a championship for your opponents all due to not being ready at all times. Check out 1:23 when the announcers say, "hey how about Comer, then Reggie Miller says, "he threw it off of the back of a Hoya player with his back turned to the defense." But, Reggie the defense, how about, "the player taking the ball out bounds!"  

All I can say is the Hoyas have  to ALWAYS be ready and attentive throughout a whole game, especially communicating during out of bounds plays when their opponent's are taking the ball out of bounds.

Don't turn your back on your opponent EVER with or without the ball! 

After you grab a rebound if your opponent's not set on defense PUSH the rock run right past them. If anything your opponent will foul you (reaching foul). A smart way to get a foul. Basically, think of smart ways to get fouls (attack the basket, get the inside to your post players as much as you can by using an array of passes, lob, bounce, chest Smart ways to get fouls

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