Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My thoughts on the Hoyas 80-67 road loss to Xavier

Georgetown came out to fighting, diving for loose balls. Just pure fight in the Hoyas right from the start! Playing real scrappy! Hoyas went on a 10-0 run as both of the Hoyas' guards Starks and Smith-Riivera knocked down jumpers. With less than 11 minutes to go in the half the Hoyas shot 9-16 @ 56% 9 rebs, 4 assists, 2 blks.. Announcer says Gtown can get a shot anytime they want.

With seven minutes to go in the first half the Hoyas shot  60% and made 66.7% in 3 pointers No free throws had been shot with seven minutes to go in the first half.

Hoyas take a 7 point lead with 6:21 to go in the first half. Hoyas ended the half making 7 3's. Also, at the half the Hoyas shot 17-31 @ 54.8%, 7-11 @ 63.6% 3 pointers, 16 rebs., Xavier 15.

To start the second half. Xavier cames out of the gates with 7-0. Hoyas immediately put a stop to Xavier's early madness and stormed to a 51-36 lead early in the 2nd on a barrage of 3's by the the Hoyas 10-15 66.7% with 15:30 to go in the game. 4:56  of the 2nd half  a big 3 was made by Muskateer's guard Miles Davis to put his team up for it's first lead of the game 68-65. Xavier never looked back on their 16-0 to end the game. .  

Starks scored a team high 17 pts. he also had 5 turnovers, 7 asts., and 5 rebounds.

The Hoyas loss a 17 point lead to the Muskateer's and hadn't made a basket in the last 6:14 minutes of the game. Was fatigue a factor? The Hoyas were 0-3 in the three pointers for the 2nd as opposed to 10-15 for the first half. 

Hoyas veteran point guard didn't think it was about "fatigue. "Just couldn’t score,” said Starks, who had seven assists and five rebounds but committed five turnovers. “I’m not going to put the blame on fatigue. Guys got to fight through it. Myself and D’Vauntes, we’ve got to fight through it regardless.”I think more timeouts than usual are needed in the future especially being being undermanned. If you're not ready at time an aggressive defensive press can catch you off guard if you're not ready at all times of the game.  

But did coach JT3 think his team was fatigued? “Not only not being able to score, but they scored every way possible,” Thompson said. “You can look back at it now, and it’s easy to say fatigue, but you have to give them credit. They made a run that kept going.”

The Hoyas offense feeds off of their defensive pressure. Never let up their pressure will always come. You just have to be ready.

BREAKING THOUGHT:  Hoyas AGAIN, not shooting as many free throws as opponent shooting 5-9 to Xavier's 18-22 and foul our bigs out AGAIN, hold up something is wrong with this picture for real.. 

Same thing with Butler... "Butler took the lead but the game went back and forth. Refs fouling out three of the Hoyas big men Lubick, Hopkins, and Ayegba? What I found strange during the course of this game was how many times Butler went to the free throw line, the Dawgs shot 25-33, Hoyas only 8-16 (all three bigs fouled out). For most of the first half the free throw stat was 0-0. The Hoyas hadn't been to the line I think this is suspect if you ask me. I don't normally complain about the refs but come on now. let's even this thing out on the playing field. 

Up next, Seton Hall

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