Thursday, January 16, 2014

Undermanned timeouts

Even when you think everything is going fine in the game, you're winning big, pause, REMEMBER your team is  undermanned, so it would be smart to get as much rest as you can during timeouts, so extra timeouts are needed. Your team can save as much energy as they can throughout the game. 

Those timeouts we don't normally use when you're up big use those timeouts to rest your team because you still have a second half to go and as a coach I know either all those 3 pointers we're going to stop falling or our opponents would recognize we only played 8 players so they buckled down and put the pressure on.

The Hoyas first timeout was called near the end of the first quarter at the 3:25 mark. The Hoyas next timeout wasn't called until 13:13 of the second half. The only timeouts called after this were the "official timeouts and one Muskateer timeout." Of course this game was very sustainable. When you have two great team's playing against each other a 17 point lead can very quickly go away. Xavier recognized the underman, and attacked it. Your big dog Starks played 40 minutes, but he mentioned "fatigue" was not a factor

I was coaching in a game our team wasundermanned, almost lost, and I didn't realize until I went home and thought I needed to monitor my players energy and give them more rest during games when we're pressing and pushing the ball in transition at constant pace.I I quickly made this adjustment to monitor my players and to use more timeouts than usual. Timeouts will be used very wisely along the way to rest players since you don't want to take them out of the game.

Is this a tight squeeze to do so, yes it is, but if your smart and passionate this can be done through sheer confidence and trust of a team as a whole on a "consistent" basis. I'm a firm believer if I showed trust in all my players all the time I see things, they see things, we see things we've never seen before happen. This is where amazing happens. College hoops. . 

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