Friday, April 22, 2011

New video of my son! Chavis Harris Career Highlights

Here's a new video of my son, Chavis, made by Francis Philip Waife.  Philip has played with Chavis and he his one of Chavis' older friends.  Philip was kind enough to do this video for me.  You'll see his webstie at the end of the video, so please check him and his work.  He does paintings also.  You can see some more of his work on youtube.  

The video starts of with me giving a speech to Lee District and my Mount Vernon Heat 12 & under after our championship loss in the Fairfax County Summer League.  Some of the Chavis' youth and high school games are on display.  Chavis' numbers were #1, #10 Mount Vernon freshman #12 Robert E. Lee sophomore.  Here's the video. Enjoy!

Chavis Harris Highlights
We Miss You!

Chavis 11 years old

Chavis Robert E. Lee sophomore

Chavis first player  bottom row left

Chavis second on bottom row from left

Chavis cheezin #71 bottom row 5th from left

Chavis freshman team photo.  He's at the end on the bottom row

Chavis posing for the Heisman?  LOL

Chavis gets up on a block on a McLean player

Chavis and I on picture day 10 years old baseball player

Chavis yout sports jerseys

A coaches note when Chavis was 10 years old

Art of Noise


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