Monday, September 27, 2010

A fun day in giving back at the JTIII Foundation Community Festival and Block Party

It was indeed a fun day Coach John Thompson III's Foundation Festival at Turkey Thickett Recreation in the nation's capital.  A very hot 95 degrees in late September brought out lots of friends, families and community.  The Georgetown Basketball team and managers, coaches were also present.  I was glad to be part of the event.  I even went as far as to hop on stage with the mic in hand and yelled the WE ARE...GEORGETOWN chant, lol.  I couldn't believe I did this, but I wanted to get everybody pump up for the season, and I felt it was my duty as Georgetown's #1 fan to do this to kick the season off.  Once the basketball team arrived they started throwing the football around and one thing led to the next.  Football practice, yes, football practice. 

Well, not exactly football practice, but you would think it was.  The passing drills had begun and it got competitive, so I joined in.  I don't why I joined in.  Something just told me to do it, and yes, I paid for it the next day and the day after with stiff and sore legs, OMG!  I could tell you Chris, Austin and Jerelle can throw a football, Jerelle has the big gun, oh man, that dude can throw a football really farrrrrrrr, geez!  

They all were great receivers with good hands, I'm glad of that and I know you (Hoyanation) are glad also.  It was great to see the golf team come out and give the kids and others some golf tips.  It was also Georgetown University's Homecoming which the Hoya basketball team, manager, and coaches attended later on during the day.

Here's are some photo's that I took with some of  the players from the festival:
Link may be invisible just put arrow right above video



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