Friday, August 12, 2011

Jason Clark's Poster at the Verizon Center

Senior Jason Clark at Midnight Madness last season the little kid is Coach Hunter's son

Talked to Jason's mom on the phone and told me these exact words that I saw on Facebook about her son's poster on the wall of the Verizon Center in Washington, DC.  I really think everything just hit her.  You wonder where Jason gets his humbleness from well now you know, it comes from his mom.  Audrey Clark has been a great supporter of the Hoyas basketball team bringing the Hoya families and players together by coordinating team picnics.  I've witnessed a kind caring heart in a wonderful person

Audrey Clark

Today I went to the Verizon center to see Jason's poster. I was truely in awe and speechless at the sight all I could do was cry because I know the hard work and sacrifice that it took for him to get to this stage in his life. When i called and told him about it I got the same response as always "mom its no big deal". His humbleness about his accomplishments always amazes me. I cannot find the words to describe how overwhelmed I am at how truely blessed I feel to have a son like Jason!

Hoya senior Jason Clark's poster at the Verizon

If you've ever met her you'd better be ready for her great, genuine hugs.  The are terrific and welcoming.  She knows her mom Jason's grandmother continues to watch over her and her son.   This is a woman who gave me the nickname, "Mr. Georgetown!"  I guess she used to seeing me in Hoya gear everytime she sees me, so I guess it became automatic for her to call me this name.  Down below is Ms. Clark's comment about seeing her son on the wall of the Verizon Center in downtown DC.

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