Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shoutout to Casual Hoya for giving me a Casual Kenner League Award on Twitter

The Hashtag Award for Twitter Excellence:

THE GLOBAL PHENOMENON has been tearing it up on the twittertubes this offseason, but we can't even hold a candle to what our man GlideHoyas is doing.  Not only has Glide eclipsed the 22,000 tweets mark, he is single-handedly reinventing the twitter language, with hashtags and the ubiquitous @ sign being tossed in front of and in back of nearly everything.  If you ain't following the G-Man on twitter, you're blowing it.  Don't believe me?  Check out this marvel: 

@TeamTurnerBball - Wow!#KennerLeague #Champs @Hoya2Pacer Byron Mouton Isaiah Swan Darian Townes #Arkansas #Class

Thank you Casual Hoya!
Hoya Saxa!

Play to Win!


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