Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hoyas score first victory of college season "So Other's Might Eat"

Hoya photographer Rafael Suanes sporting the "So Other's Might Eat" lid

I thought about doing a story on the  the Georgetown Hoyas basketball team for taking time out of their busy schedule and as a part of their school giving back to the Washington, DC community "So Other's Might Eat." What better to do something on the second day of school.

Aaron Bowen getting ready to serve the food

Giving back  to your community and representing your university in a city where you attend college is a key factor in college students become adults in learning life's lessons. This give back was not advertised or anything. It was something considerate and thoughtful to do by the basketball staff to represent their university and community where they attend college. 

It was all about heart and caring something this basketball team knows all to well of because of how their team bond is with each other and peers. Hoyanation should be proud of our Hoyas basketball team in action today on and off the court. Hoya Salute!

The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team and staff  and "So Other's Might Eat's" staff

Let the life I lead speak for me, let the work I do speak for me, let the love I share speak for me



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