Monday, October 15, 2012

The Hoyas basketball season is "officially" in session

Hoyas #1 fan at Midnight Madness
Courtesy Pam Chvotkin


It's time to glide! Glide is BACK! The college basketball season is "officially" here! It's the moment we've been waiting for since last Spring. Although I'm always happy for our seniors, once the season ends I tend to get the blues especially after our seniors graduate and go on to bigger and better things. As far as basketball the next big thing I look forward to is the Kenner League played on the campus of Georgetown University in the legendary McDonough Arena. The summer league normally starts after July 4th.

I, along with the Hoya faithful get a chance to see the beginning of a new season and players (Hoyas) put their talents on display. We get to see how much our upper classmen have developed since the end of the season. We also get to see firsthand all of the incoming freshmen play. After all, the old saying is, "players are made in the off season between March and November", and our motto is "It Always Basketball Season on the Hilltop." 

So, say from March until July there should have been some looks in the mirror from our players saying, "let me be honest with myself, what part/parts of my game do I need to work on so I can see an improvemen in the near future..You think? I think so! Although you may be good, or great you should never be satisfied with where you are because there's always someone better than you or getting better. So, keep working hard.

From the upper classmen down to the freshmen I saw nothing but fire in their eyes once again during the Kenner Summer League. It was like the Hoyas knew they had a job to finish from last season's NCAA's ending with a 66-63 tough loss to the North Carolina State Wolfpack in Columbus, Ohio. 

They played like it all summer. It seemed to be relayed to the freshmen because they too played with a "sense of urgency" during the summer league. The freshmen normally play on the Tombs team. Super sophomore Hoya Otto Porter played with new kids on the block, and they followed his lead winning most of their games. We didn't get the chance to see freshman Hoyas' Bradley Hayes and Tyler Adams due to injuries.

One player that stood out happened to play a very critical position was Markel Starks at the point guard position. He played like a man possessed. I guess from hard work and soul searching from last season's end really paid off for our floor general and leader. We all how essential and important the point guard position is. This position is like the engine in a car. If the engine doesn't start the car won't move. The Hoya faithful was surprised as Markel's turnaround from last season during the summer league. His timing and decision making and ability to attack at will were key. He knows his job. He knows the ball belongs in his hands at the most crucial moments to make split second decision to get the ball where it needs to go. Last season Starks gave himself a C-. I thought was pretty fair of himself. Seeking to make a bigger impact his junior year, Starks said he dedicated himself to basketball over the summer, putting in more work than he had since high school. People will see a huge upside to Markel's game. This is just what Hoyas ordered.

Hoyas Junior Markel Starks going in against Memphis last season

In case you didn't see the photo shots of the our 2012-2013 Georgetown Hoyas here are some:

Back left to right: Moses Ayeba, Brandon Bolden, David All 
Front left to right: Otto Porter, Greg Whittington

"The Original Fresh Five"
Left to Right: Mickael Hopkins, Otto Porter, Jabril Trawick, Greg Whittington, Tyler Adams

Hoya Salute from sophomore guard Jabril Trawick

Left to Right: Freshmen Bradley Hayes, Brandon Bolden and D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera

Left to Right Hoyas freshmen Brandon Bolden and Bradley Hayes

The Hoyas definitely have the pieces to the puzzle. Now it's about putting the pieces together. I'm very confident the pieces to the puzzle will all fit into place. There's no doubt in my mind because I believe in our coaching staff full throttle as I've always have. The Hoyas will be tested early and I'm sure they will be ready and confident to accept the challenge. They are tough are ready to begin the "Road To The Final Four."

In case you missed the Hoyas Midnight Madness here's the video:

It's Our Time Hoyanation! 


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