Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hoyas "open practice" was great to see

 #1 Georgetown fan standing in the lobby of the legendary McDonough Gymnasium in front of the trophy case with trophies, ball and net (NCAA 2007 Final 4) from the 1982 Final vs UNC, 2007 Final Four vs. Ohio State, and 1985 NCAA Final vs.Villanova


It was definitely exciting to see our Hoyas in practice mode for the first time this season. Although they've had a few practices under their belts since Midnight Madness, I was truly ready and excited to see them at the open practice held October 20, 2012. Sort of hurry to the Hilltop, I left from home about 9:00 and got the Georgetown campus around 9:30. 

I walked from the parking garage to McDonough Gymnasium only to find no one was in the gymnasium -- just myself. I guess it was meant to be alone in the lobby because this gave me the chance to take photos and record some of  the basketball memorabilia there including the Hoya greats painted high above on the wall of the lobby.  

The 1984 National Championship and 2007 Final Four trophies, autographed basketball, nets and championship ring, and of course the great Hall of Fame plaque of the legendary Coach John Thompson Jr.

Here's some photo's I took from open practice, they might be a little small, so hopefully you can see. Enjoy!

Hoyas lay up line in progress open practice

Hoyas drills open practice 

Hoyas in motion drills, drills, drills ...gotta love it! 

Fans look on as Team Hoyas run there in open practice 

Coach JTIII talks with this team before a team drill

Hoya drills at this end of the court

Coach Thompson III talking to his Hoya troopers during drills

My Hoyas Kicks of The Day at open practice, and oh, I was ready to do some drills also :)

Coach John Thompson III takes a break in the action to talk with former Hoyas Sead Gadzuric

Front of my brand new Hoyas jacket  that came in the mail the same day as open practice made my day!!!

Back of brand new Hoyas jacket 

Hoyas huddled up

Banners! 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2013 Hard Work! 

Coach John Thompson III during drills & he's sporting the Georgetown retro shorts also

Autographed photo of our 2012-2013 Georgetown Hoyas

Hoya Hoop Club faithful at Georgetown's open practice 


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  1. Sead Gadzuric?
    Did Dan Gadzuric meld with Sead Dizdarevic?