Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hands Up Hoyas!

Click on youtube video  below Hoyas vs. Dayton with Hands Up on Defense

Hand Up Hoyas!
Hoya Saxa!
We Are Georgetown

Hoya Communicaion, Leadership, Unity share a common bond for the might Hoyas

Hands Up Hoyas!

Hoyanation watching the Hoyas is great awesome thing to do. Watching them defend at their highest level can be a joy, but just think, if you were their opponent's guard and you were dribbling the ball up the court and you saw not only tall Hoya players, but you saw how intimidating the Hoyas can look with their hands and arms up waving and extended with the focused monsterous eyes, lol. It's easier to get to the shooters on the perimeter with hands and arms extended. Shall we get the bricks out! (Dunbar's Bob Wade in high school basketball documentary Poet Pride, the team practice with bricks, it gave the advantage late in games for finger, wrist and arm strength, this is waht made the Baltimore's Dunbar Poets The Greatest High School Team Ever). You have to excuse me, I love defense. Hoyanation, I think I love defense more than anything in basketball because I know "defense" wins championships. This can look like a nightmare for the opponents on a nightly basis. The Hoyas are already a fundamental team, this adds some fundamentals to their weaponry. Hoyanation, I'm sure we will see more of this especially against Butler, oh yeahhhhhh, Hoya Saxa baby. Let's Go Hoyas, let's show Butler who has the real bulldog! Jack, we love you!

Good defense Free!

Hoyas Nikita and Julian defending

Hands and arms Julian Vaughn

Chris Wright defending with hand in face

Greg Monroe hands up!

We gotcha Mr. Ref when we get back on defense, thanks for reminding us, lol

Jack, bleeding blue and gray showing Butler what a real bulldog looks like


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